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Vinyl Record Storage Box
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    Introducing the archival Vinyl Record Storage Box for record collectors! Vinyl records, both vintage and contemporary, are still a hot commodity in the 21st century. Display, protect, and access your record collection with our new 12” Vinyl Record Storage Box.

    If you have ever moved a collection of books and records, then you know that they are back breakers! We designed this box to hold approximately twenty 12” records, depending on the thickness of the record jackets and if they are stored in archival plastic sleeves. When full, it weighs about 15 pounds.

    The box is sturdy enough to stand alone or in a grouping on a table or shelf. While it is about 2” deeper than a standard bookshelf, it can be safely stored there without fear of it tipping over.

    Vertical storage is the best way to store vinyl records. This box makes storing small or large collections easy and ensures the records stay upright and protected from dust.

    We always recommend storing your collections out of direct sunlight and in a safe, climate-controlled environment in your main living space. Do not store your treasured collections in attics, basements, or garages!

    Please note: as of July 19, 2023 we have switched to lining these with archival black paper.

  • Features

    Made in Rochester, NY using the same high quality, archival materials as our Collector Grade Binder Slipcases. The front edge of the box is notched on both sides. This facilitates removing the cover and the records. There is also extra space above the records for easy removal of contents.

    This box is large enough to accommodate vinyl record box sets and LaserDiscs.

    18-5000-12 - The front cover has acrylic window, allowing you to see the contents yet still protecting the records from dust. There’s space on the bottom front panel to add a label holder.

    18-5000-12-P - The front cover is opaque. While the acrylic option offers some UV protection, the plain, windowless cover offers complete protection from light.

  • Specifications

    3-3/4 wide x 13-1/8 deep x 13-3/4" high

    Vinyl Record Storage Box lined with 80lb paper acid- and lignin-free black paper.

    Covered in library quality F-Grade Buckram (poly-cotton) with a moisture-resistant, 100% aqueous acrylic coating.

    Adhesive is pH balanced and buffered, <.0008% sulfur content.

    Close-tolerance construction on slipcase to keep out dust

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Vinyl Record Storage Box
Clear Acrylic Front
3-3/4 W x 13-1/8 D x 13-3/4" H
18-5000-12 $69.95 $62.95 $59.85
Vinyl Record Storage Box
Solid Opaque Front (no window)
3-3/4 W x 13-1/8 D x 13-3/4" H
18-5000-12-P $69.95 $62.95 $59.85