Introducing the Ultimate Vinyl Record Storage Box!

Archival Methods is excited to announce the launch of our brand new archival Vinyl Record Storage Box! Vinyl records, both vintage and contemporary, are still a hot commodity in the 21st century. Therefore, we decided to create a new product to store them archivally. This new box protects your 12” records from dust and contaminants, displays your records beautifully, and offers easy access to your collection. Display and protect your investment with our new Vinyl Record Storage Box.

*Please note: as of July 2023 we switched the interior lining of these boxes to an archival black paper.

Vinyl Record Storage Box holds about twenty 12″ records. The removable window cover protects your records from dust while allowing you to see the contents.

Designed for Record Collectors

This is our first product made for vinyl record storage. Our design team has been working hard on this and we think you will like the results. We considered what would make an excellent record storage box. Our first mission was to make it archival, which, after twenty years in the business, we know how to do. Next we focused on how to make it both functional and stylish. 

The most common type of record storage container is wooden cubes. People either store their LPs upright with spines facing outward or in a crate with the tops exposed, like at a record store. Neither of these methods protects the records from dust. Also, wood is not an archival storage environment, as acids and lignins can leach out over time damaging your record covers. They also tend to be very heavy when you need to move your collection.

Stylish, modern, free-standing Vinyl Record Storage Boxes fit in with any decor!

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

We researched what album storage options already exist and discovered a need for something new that is not already on the market. One major consideration was size. If you have ever moved a collection of books and records then you know that they are back breakers!

We wanted this new box to hold a smaller amount of records to reduce the weight. And we recognized that some people have small record collections and might only need one or two of these boxes. With a modular design, they can stand alone or together, adding more as needed.

Unlike a collection of photographs, record albums are often accessed on a regular basis. Therefore, we wanted something that would look good on display and compliment your decor. We opted to modify the design for our Collector Grade Binder Slipcase and create a cover to protect and showcase the records within.

We use acid-free and lignin-free materials and library quality black buckram for the exterior. Like the majority of our boxes, we make these by hand in our Rochester, New York manufacturing facility.

Archival Vinyl Record Storage Box with albums and removable cover. Note the notched case and space above the records for easy access to your records.

The front edge of the box is notched on both sides. This facilitates removing the cover and the records. There is also extra space above the records for easy removal of contents. The front cover has an acrylic window, allowing you to see the contents yet still protecting the records from dust. There is space on the bottom front panel to add a label holder.

Capacity and Dimensions

One box can hold twenty 12″ vinyl records and weighs about 15 pounds when full. The boxes can be free-standing on a table or they can be placed alongside other books and boxes on a shelf. The box measures 3-3/4″ wide x 13-1/8″ deep x 13-3/4″ high. If you have an adjustable bookshelf it should be able to accommodate these boxes. Even if they are slightly deeper than the shelf it will likely only hang over by an inch or two and will still be quite stable.

Three Vinyl Record Storage Boxes with several Metal Edge Short Top Boxes on an adjustable Ikea Billy bookcase which has an 11″ depth. The boxes are 2″ deeper than the shelf but are still quite stable.

12″ LP Record Album Storage

Our inaugural record storage box is designed to hold the long playing 12″ records. While 7″ and 10″ records also deserve archival storage, we are rolling out this new series slowly. We plan to expand the product line to include archival storage options for 78 rpm records and 45 rpm records.

As of December 2022 we’ve added a second option to this line of archival storage for 12″ vinyl records. We now offer this box with a solid cover in addition to the original version with the acrylic window. While the acrylic offers some protection from UV rays, the solid front box offers complete protection from ultraviolet light exposure. In either case, always store your records and other artifacts out of direct sunlight.

Vinyl Record Storage Box with Solid Opaque Front (no window) – #18-5000-12-P – offers total protection from ultraviolet light exposure.

Archival Plastic Sleeves for Vinyl Records

If you want to add another layer of protection to your record collection you can place them in plastic sleeves. Polyethylene, polyester, and polypropylene are all considered safe plastics for archival storage. Polyethylene Bags are a softer plastic and with a looser fit tend to be more versatile and easier to get records in and out of. We don’t yet offer Polyethylene Bags for records but if there is a demand for it we can add them to our inventory. The advantage to the polypropylene is that they are very clear and crisp looking. We offer two polypropylene sleeves for 12″ records.

3-Sided Sleeve – #390-1212 – made of clear polypropylene provides extra protection for your records.

Crystal Clear Bags have a resealable flap on the back of the sleeve. Product 86-1212 measures 12-3/4 x 12-3/4” and will fit many LPs. Album covers vary in dimensions and thicknesses, especially if they are gatefold covers or double albums, so some of them may not fit into these sleeves. We also offer 3-Sided Sleeves for records. They are open on one end but their tolerance is tighter than the Crystal Clear Bags. Product 39-1212 measures 12-5/8 x 12-5/8” and is a very snug fit. It will fit the slimmer album covers but they can still be a bit tricky to slide in.

Vinyl Record Storage Boxes with Clear Acrylic Window – #18-5000-12 and Solid Opaque Front – #18-5000-12-P
Here is a short video demonstrating how to use our Archival Record Storage Box. Please note that we have switched from a white lining to a black lining since this video was made.

For some more in-depth tips on vinyl record storage, check out this great blog post by Preservation Equipment of England. We look forward to getting your feedback about this new product! And we are always happy to answer your questions about your archival needs. Please call or email with questions, comments, and suggestions.

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