Clear Print Mounting Strips

Clear Print Mounting Strips
  • Application

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    Matted prints larger than 20” x 24" often require more support than standard corners can provide. Clear Print Mounting Strips applied along the top, bottom and sides of your artwork or photograph will provide an even level of support for these larger pieces. Made of archival crystal clear polyester that is safe to use when in contact with your artwork.

  • Features

    Strips are 10" long with a 1/2" channel-fold. They can easily be trimmed to accommodate smaller borders when needed (as small as 1/8"). The back of the Mounting Strip features half inch double-sided tape with a peel-off paper strip so adhesive will not touch your artwork.

  • Specifications

    4 mil Polyester

    1/2 inch channel 2 inch back

    3/4 inch release liner 1/2 inch double side tape

    Adhesive applied on 2 inch polyester back