• About Our Boards & Papers

    At Archival Methods, we continue to raise the bar regarding the presentation and acid-free storage of artwork, photographs, documents and more. Our impressive inventory of acid-free storage products includes 100% Cotton Museum Board and Conservation Board as well as acid-free foamboard, cardstock and archival tissue. Whether you’re matting and framing your artwork or preserving it in storage, Archival Methods has the archival supplies to keep it in mint condition.

    Our archival 100% Rag Boards and Conservation Boards are the best mat boards in the world. Our acid-free foamboard is ideal for structural backing in picture framing. Our boards are also available as corrugated inserts and card stock. We offer Custom and Pre-Cut Exhibition Mats of all shapes and sizes to augment your artwork including oval/circular cuts. Our acid and lignin free Archival Paper is ideal for storing documents and artwork. Designed for interleaving between prints; our archival paper will not degrade and cause harm to your prints and will protect from environmental contamination. Our archival tissue is perfect for protecting artifacts, wrapping gowns and historic uniforms and protecting textile items. Our shredded archival tissue is intended for cushioning breakables such as ornaments, glass and other delicate objects for transportation and storage.

  • Display and Store Your Artwork with Confidence!

    When it comes to acid-free storage and display, Archival Methods continues to set the industry benchmark. We know how frustrating it is to have artwork or documents compromised by faulty storage products, and we want to ensure that you never encounter this problem. Our paper and board products come highly recommended from the museum, gallery and archival storage industries. We are looking forward to sharing our expertise with you. Please browse our selection of acid-free paper and board products. As always contact us with any questions you may have.

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