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Bone & Teflon Folders
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    The genuine Burnishing Bone, or Bone Folder, is an indispensable tool for anyone working with paper or matting prints. It is used for folding paper and fabrics to give a precise edge. Use it to smooth out the blade-cut edges of window mats and gently smooth minor over-cuts to the point where they almost disappear.

    We offer a 6-inch and an 8-inch long bone folder. Each folder, carved from animal bone, has a rounded and pointed end.

    A Teflon Folder is great for folding paper, book cloth, and mylar, or smoothing cuts in window mats. The smooth Teflon surface will not mar delicate papers or fabrics.

    The thin and wide pointed folders work well for creasing. The flat, tapered end works for pressing.

    The Teflon Lifter has a thin, flexible, spatula-like end opposite a rounded end.

Burnishing Bone Folder
Pointed Tip
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Burnishing Bone - 6 Inch
58-6-OPE $13.95 $12.85 $12.30
Burnishing Bone - 8 Inch
58-8-OPE $16.25 $14.95 $14.30
Teflon Folder
Pointed Tip
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Narrow Teflon Folder
Pointed & Square Ends
6-1/4 L x 5/8 W x 1/4" H
58-652-P $13.10 $12.05 $11.55
Wide Teflon Folder
Pointed & Square Ends
6-3/4 L x 3/4 W x 3/8" H
58-633-P $16.95 $15.60 $14.90