Side Lock Film Sleeves

Side Lock Film Sleeves
  • Application

    Film sleeves are available in either a clear 3 mil. polypropylene or polyester (Melinex 516 - Dupont’s replacement for Mylar D). Each is archivally safe; the polyester is super-clear and more chemically inert, while polypropylene is more economical.

    A self-locking side fold holds the film in place. Sleeves 'unlock' to open completely for safer film removal without sliding image inside the sleeve.

    Due to supply chain issues 31-101 and 31-001 (35mm Polyester and Polypropylene Sleeves) and the 31-002 (2-1/4 Polypropylene Sleeves) are out of stock until further notice. We have removed this item from the website temporarily. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Features

    Polyester Sleeves are crystal clear and more rigid than polypropylene, making viewing and handling your film easier while providing a high level of protection. Polypropylene Sleeves are just as safe but they lack the optical clarity and are less rigid.

  • Specifications

    Melinex 516 Polyester (Dupont’s replacement for Mylar D).

    3 mil Polypropylene

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2-1/4 (10-1/16 x 2-1/2) - PKG 50
31-102 $16.80 $15.45 $14.80
4 x 5 -Polyester PKG 50
31-103 $13.85 $12.75 $12.20