Index Cards

  • Application

    Our 3 index card styles offer versatility and fit inside many of our metal edge boxes and caddies. They are useful for sorting, labeling, and cataloging your collections.

    Index Dividers were designed for use inside our 4 x 6 Print-Caddies, but can be used with other boxes if desired.

    Our All-Purpose Index Cards cards are scored on one side and the bottom for easy trimming for use in smaller-size boxes.

    The Multi-Tab Index Cards feature three tabs and they are scored along one edge for easy trimming if needed.

  • Features

    All of our Index Cards are acid- and lignin-free. Full-size All-Purpose Index Cards (5”H x 7-3/8”W) fit the following boxes: 02-004, 02-005, 04-003, 04-004 & 02-108. Trimmed along their pre-scored lines (4-3/8”H x 6-3/8”W) these cards will also fit our 04-003 box.

    The Index Dividers feature a 1-1/16" flap for labeling the divider.

    Multi-Tab Index Cards are scored along one edge so they can be easily trimmed to fit a narrower box or caddy. The 7-3/8" width can be trimmed along the score line to a 6-1/4" width.

  • Specifications

    All-Purpose Index Cards to be used with the following boxes:

    04-003 Short Top 4x6 Prints (when trimmed)

    04-004 Short Top 4x6 Envelopes or 5x7 Prints Cards / Stereocards

    02-004 Hinged Lid Postcards or 5x7 Prints

    02-005 Hinged Lid 4x6 Prints or CD’s

    02-108 Hinged Lid 4x6 Envelopes or CD’s

    02-108 Hinged Lid 4x6 Envelopes or CD’s

  • Resources
Index Dividers ITEM# : QTY. 1+ : ORDER :
Index Dividers 5-15/16" x 4-7/8" - PKG 25
02-463-I $7.75
All-Purpose Index Cards ITEM# : QTY. 1+ : ORDER :
All-Purpose Index Cards 7-3/8” x 5" - PKG 25
02-04-Index $8.40
Multi-Tab Index Cards ITEM# : QTY. 1+ : ORDER :
Multi-Tab Index Cards 7-3/8" x 5-3/8" - PKG 24
02-554-I $6.50