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Whether you simply want your business or institutional logo/name applied to a standard stock item, such as a Archival Boxes, or you need a completely customized design for a specific acid - free storage solution, Archival Methods can help! We have several decades of design and manufacturing experience as well as in-house production resources.

Minimum quantities for custom projects are listed below:

We would be delighted to discuss your project in more detail over the phone or through email.

Custom imprinting

Custom imprinting requires metal stamping dies for foil hot stamping. Imprints can be applied to any of our archival solutions; Onyx Portfolios, Museum Drop Front, Digital Print Folio, Binders & Slip Cases, Archival Metal Edge Boxes & Black Proof Box.

We will need a vector based PDF or EPS file. Please outline your text and/or graphics before exporting to PDF or EPS. File set to the actual size desired and should be black on a white background.

Charges are vary from $50.00 to $225.00 for one color foil stamping & die/set up charge depending on size. A stamping charge per box may also apply.

When you place your order we work quickly to fulfill it. Our standard lead-time is 4-6 weeks from the date the order is placed with a deposit of 1/2 the balance of the order & approved artwork, if applicable. Delay in receipt of deposit or approved artwork may delay the order.

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If you are interested in adding custom imprints to your archival supplies we encourage you to contact us. With decades of industry experience we are able to work with you to create the finished product that you want.