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PEC-12 Film & Photo Cleaner
  • Application

    PEC-12 is a waterless Photographic Emulsion Cleaner which is suitable for use on most film and print emulsions.

    PEC-12 is designed to remove non-water based stains, grease and inks from photographic emulsions and bases. It removes finger oils, grease pencil, adhesive tape residues, mildew, smoke and soot damage, gold foil stamp, and most ball-point and permanent inks. It will aid in the removal of firmly affixed adhesive tape.

    PEC*PAD® non-abrasive wipes are strong, lint-free and pure. Designed to be used with the PEC-12 Cleaner, they can be safely used on all hardened photographic emulsions, including films and papers.

    Soft and versatile, they can be safely used without the PEC-12 to clean all types of sensitive surfaces such as scanners, CD’s, mirrors, lenses, telescopes, even ink jet print heads. Oftentimes water on the PEC PADS is the best thing to use to clean surfaces such as these.

    Please note that PEC-12 has a strong odor and should be used in a well-ventilated area or with a ventilator.

  • Specifications

    PEC-12 is a blend of organic hydrocarbon solvents with a neutral pH and is free from chlorofluorocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It dries instantly, leaves no residue and meets archival needs.

    Because it contains no water, PEC-12® will not cause emulsion swelling, tackiness, water marks or other damage associated with re-washing.

    PEC-12 is flammable. Do not use near open flames or sparks.

    Use in well-ventilated area. At the first sign of a headache, discontinue use and seek fresh air.

    PEC-12 is hygroscopic. It will absorb moisture from the air if left uncapped. Always replace cap!

    PEC*PAD® non-abrasive wipes are NOT recommended for cleaning CCD sensors in 35mm DSLR, mirrorless or cinema cameras.

  • Resources

    In-depth product information for PEC-12:
    Manufacturer's Website

    In-depth product information for PEC*PADs:
    Manufacturer's Website

    Material Safety Data Sheet:
    PEC 12-MSDS.pdf

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PEC-12 Emulsion Cleaner + PEC PAD Wipes Kit
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PEC-12 Archival Film & Photo Cleaner ITEM# : QTY. 1+ : ORDER :
PEC-12 Archival Film & Photo Cleaner
2 oz (59 mL)
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PEC PAD Photo Wipes - 4 x 4''
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