Brillianize Plastic Cleaner

Brillianize Plastic Cleaner
  • Application

    Brillianize is America's number one rated anti-static cleaner and polish for plastic and glass. It can be used on acrylic, Lucite, Plexiglass, lacquer finishes, display cases, and computer and TV screens.

    This product is safe for use on acrylic products such as our Optix UV-Filtering Acrylic. Brillianize is a great alternative to ammonia-based glass cleaners, which should not be used to clean acrylics.

  • Features

    The unique anti-static, fingerprint resistant formula will not harm UV filtering glass/plastic framing materials. Brillianize is non-toxic and contains no alcohol or ammonia.

    To use; simply apply the spray to a clean, lint-free cloth (included) and then to your plastic or glass surface, polishing the surface until dry (do not scrub).

    Kit includes 8 oz Brillianize Spray Bottle, Large Micro-Chamois Polishing Cloth & 2 Wet Dry Instant Detailer Pads.

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Brillianize Plastic Cleaning Kit
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