• About Our Kits & Accessories

    When it comes to the organization and storage of your prints, artwork, and collectibles it is sometimes easy to feel somewhat overwhelmed, even for the most experienced archivist. Here at Archival Methods, we want to do everything possible to make this process easy, efficient and effective. Our kits make properly preserving and storing your photos and artwork much easier by providing you with everything you need in handy, easy-to-use packages.

    Popular Kits & Accessories: Some of the most popular items – our Complete Frame Kits - provide you with all of the items you will need to professionally display your photographs or artwork on your wall. Another great kit – our 35mm Slide Storage System - is just as the title suggests: comprehensive storage systems that allow you to easily organize and access your precious and irreplaceable 35 mm slides. For more information, please watch our short and 35 mm Slide Storage Video.

    We also carry a variety of archival supply accessories such as Adhesive Back Vinyl Labelsand White Cotton Inspection Gloves.

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    We encourage you to call us at 866-877-7050 if you have any questions or would like more information about a kit or accessory you see on our website. We have years of experience working with museum-quality archival storage and presentation products and can provide you with the best recommendations possible for your specific needs.


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