Film Storage Systems

  • Application

    Designed for for 35mm, 120 and 4 x 5" negatives.

  • Features

    We offer five kits: two for 35 mm (6-frame max.) negative or transparency strips
    two for 120 film negatives
    one for 4 x 5" negatives or transparencies.
    The difference between the available kits listed involves the particular sleeves you choose.
    Polypropylene Sleeves are both safe and economical, however they lack the optical clarity of the Polyester Sleeves. Our Polyester Sleeves (replacing the popular “Mylar” Sleeves) are crystal clear and more rigid, making viewing and handling your films much easier while providing a high level of protection. As with many products, they are more costly. If your files are accessed often, choose the Polyester Sleeves. If you are using our Film Storage Kits for long term storage, the Polypropylene Sleeves are a perfectly good fit.
    These kits provide you with a three-step process / three levels of organization and preservation:
    1) your film is placed in sleeves for protection
    2) the sleeves are placed in the folders or envelopes for sorting and cataloging
    3) the envelopes are stored in the archival box.

    Please keep in mind that each sleeve is designed to hold one strip of negatives, providing the best protection over time and making locating the negative you are looking for easy and efficient.
    Each file folder will hold a full roll of six strips.
    Each box holds up to 50 Negative File Folders. Additional sleeves at Side Lock Film Sleeves can be purchased if needed.

  • Specifications

    Each system consists of three components:

    a) One Item 02-003 (10-1/4x5-1/2x4-1/2”) Hinged Lid style metal edged box.

    b) Two packages of 50 film strip sleeves for 35mm or 120 film and folders for 4" x 5”.

    c) one pack of 50 negative file folders for 35mm and 120 film (22-001 ) or Two packages of Open End envelopes for 4"x 5” (20-001).

35 mm & 120 Film Storage System ITEM# : QTY. 1+ : ORDER :
35 mm Polypropylene Kit (List 47.10) 31-1001 $44.33
35 mm Polyester Kit (List 54.50) 31-1101 $50.79
120 Film Polypropylene Kit (List 48.00) 31-1002 $45.09
120 Film Polyester Kit (List 60.90 ) 31-1102 $56.48
4 x 5 Film Storage System ITEM# : QTY. 1+ : ORDER :
4 x 5 Polyester Kit (List 54.00) 30-1101 $50.36
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