Gallery White - 4 Ply Conservation Board

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Gallery White - 4 Ply Conservation Board
  • Application

    Gallery White Conservation Mat Board has a neutral white tonality and is similar to Bright White Museum Board. This board, made from 100% archival purified wood fiber, is more economical to make.

    Gallery White Museum Board has a linen texture with a lengthways direction making it ideal for square formats.

    4-Ply / 60 Pt. (Approximately 1/16’’)

    *Board only—no window openings. See Window Mat Cutting section to order Pre-cut or Custom Window Mats.

  • Features

    Conservation Board uses alpha-cellulose pulp from purified wood fiber and is, therefore, more economical to manufacture than cotton Museum Board, yet carries with it the same stable and long-lasting properties.

    Purified wood pulp paper has a long history of being safe to use with paper artwork, photographs, and documents. Our high-quality Conservation Board is acid- and lignin-free and incorporates alkaline or neutral sizing.

    All boards are buffered with calcium carbonate. This ensures protection from the destructive effects of acid migration from the matted work and from a polluted environment that might cause the pH of the mat board to decrease (become more acidic) with age.

    No optical brightening agents are used in the manufacture of our Conservation Board.

  • Specifications

    Conservation Board uses alpha-cellulose pulp from purified wood fiber

    4-Ply / 60 Pt. (Approximately 1/16’’)

    Alkaline sizing is used for both internal and external sizing. No alum is used in the manufacturing process.

    Buffered with calcium carbonate 2-3% alkaline reserve, pH 9 ±0.5, acid–free.

    Color dyes are light-fast and non-bleeding.

    Board will not degrade and cause harm to mounted matted artwork.

    Lignin content is tested by TAPPI 236 cm-85 and has a Kappa number of less than five.

    The single ply sheets are laminated together using all natural starch adhesive.

    Board passes the PAT (Photographic Activity Test) ISO IT 18916 (formerly ISO 14523 ANSI IT9.16)

    Note: Some suppliers of archival products are providing confusing information about the use of un-buffered boards and papers with photographic materials. Black-white and color photography (both conventional and digital output) should have mounts or enclosures made from buffered paper. This is the recommendation from the latest ISO document 18902, “Photographic Films, Papers Filing Enclosures”. The only items that need matting or storage in un-buffered papers are cyanotypes (architectural blue prints) and protein based textiles. ISO18902 is available at

4 Ply Gallery White Conservation Board
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