Archival Paper

Archival Paper
  • Application

    Our inventory of Archival Paper is very low. Due to supply chain issues it will likely be out of stock until January of 2023. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Alternative interleaving options: Archival Thin Paper, Archival Tissue, Glassine Interleaving and White Card Stock. See related products below.

    Our buffered, acid-free Archival Paper is an excellent interleaving paper. It can be used to interleave photographs, artwork, documents, and album pages, or to wrap books for archival long-term storage.

    National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) recommends buffered, acid-free paper stock for the storage of all photographic materials (except cyanotypes and dye-transfer images).

    Don’t see the size you need? Order the next size up and we’ll cut the package down at no extra charge. During check out you can specify that you want board, paper, or acrylic sheets cut to a custom size under Special Instructions in the Payment section. Please note, we will only cut an entire package down to one size, not multiple sizes.

  • Features

    NARA recommends buffered, acid-free paper stock for the storage of photographic materials. The use of non-buffered, neutral paper stock in the storage of photographs can quickly result in a local environment that becomes increasingly acidic. Buffered paper adds another level of protection against acidification.

    Black & white and color photography, traditional and digital, should have mounts, enclosures, and interleaving made from buffered paper. This is the recommendation from the latest ISO document 18902, “Photographic Films, Papers Filing Enclosures”. The only items that need matting or storage in un-buffered papers are cyanotypes, architectural blue prints, dye transfer images, and protein based textiles. ISO18902 is available at

  • Specifications

    High alpha cellulose pulp from purified wood fiber with 25% Cotton

    Weight: 120 gsm

    Acid-free - pH 9 ±0.5

    Buffered with calcium carbonate 2-3% alkaline reserve

    Paper passes the PAT (Photographic Activity Test) ISO IT 18916

    Sulfur content is less than 0.0008% reducible sulfur

    Lignin content is tested by TAPPI 236 cm-85 and has a Kappa number of less than five