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Stabilo-All Pencils
  • Application

    Stabilo Pencils write on most surfaces, including paper, glass, plastic, and metal.

    They are water-soluble and can be wiped off of smooth surfaces with a damp cloth. Please note: they are not erasable from paper.

    While we sell these for their versatility in recording information in your archive, they are great for other things too. Since they write on glass, metal, and plastic they are great for labeling canning jars, storage containers, and other household items!

  • Features

    Conservators advise against using markers or ink pens, as they can transfer and are not reversible. Standard #2 graphite pencils work well on paper-backed photos, but not on plastic-coated surfaces.

    When writing with Stabilo or #2 pencils, remember to work on a clean, hard surface and apply a light touch to the back of your image. This helps you avoid pressure transfer, which may cause the writing to be visible on the image side. It is always best to write near the edges, rather than the middle, to be safe.

  • Specifications

    Stabilo-All Colored Pencils
    • Composition: lead with high-quality pigments
    • Water-soluble
    • Lead diameter: 3.0 mm
    • Writes on: paper, glass, plastic, metal
    • Color options: black, white, red, blue
    • Made in Czech Republic

Stabilo-All Pencils - PKG of 5 ITEM# : QTY. 1+ : ORDER :
Stabilo-All Pencils
5 Pack: 2 Black, 1 White, 1 Blue, 1 Red
99-82111 $10.75
Stabilo-All Pencils - PKG of 6 ITEM# : QTY. 1+ : ORDER :
Stabilo-All Pencils
6 Pack: 2 Black, 2 White, 2 Red
99-8222 $12.95
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Black Stabilo-All Pencils
Box of 12
99-8046-12 $28.00
White Stabilo-All Pencils
Box of 12
99-8052-12 $28.00
Blue Stabilo-All Pencils
Box of 12
99-8041-12 $28.00
Red Stabilo-All Pencils
Box of 12
99-8040-12 $28.00