Transport Shipping Cases

Transport Shipping Cases
  • Application

    When you need to ship artwork, check it onto a flight, or carry it on mass transit, this is absolutely the case for you. Not many things are as important to you as your artwork and photographs, and this sturdy case will protect your work from all kinds of rough handling.

    Dimensions are interior. For exterior dimensions add 1-3/4’’ to length and width and 1/2’’ to height.

  • Features

    These cases are constructed of impact-resistant black polyethylene plastic that will stand up to repeated use. Steel reinforces all four corners and the outer edge of the removable top. The textured rigid plastic resists scuffing and will not tear. The interior is completely lined with 1/4’’ polyester foam.

    The handle retracts against the case when it is not in use, an important feature during shipping. A large 8’’ x 12’’ ABS plastic label area is designed into the case to attach adhesive-backed shipping labels.

    Three one-inch wide poly straps are attached to the case and securely close with high-impact plastic buckles. Cases 16’’ x 20’’ and larger have a fourth strap in the center that wraps around the case lengthwise.

    All cases are 3’’ deep with a telescoping top, which allows the case to have a four-inch functional capacity.

Transport Shipping Case - 3 Inch Depth ITEM# : QTY. 1+ : ORDER :
13-1/4 x 19-1/4 x 3''
123-1319 $174.15
16-1/4 x 20-1/4 x 3''
123-1620 $179.10
17-1/4 x 22-1/4 x 3''
123-1722 $186.05
20-1/4 x 24-1/4 x 3''
123-2024 $212.25
24-1/4 x 30-1/4 x 3''
123-2430 $245.45
24-1/4 x 36-1/4 x 3''
123-2436 $256.60
Transport Shipping Case - 4 Inch Depth ITEM# : QTY. 1+ : ORDER :
20-1/4 x 24-1/4 x 4''
(9 Available)
123-42024 $205.00