Graphite Pencils

Graphite Pencils
  • Application


    Cretacolor Monolith Woodless Pencils are your solution to "how to write on photographs"! We consulted with the experts and they pointed us to this product.

    In addition to the pre-packaged 7 Component Pocket Set and accessories, we created a Graphite Pencil Kit especially for writing on the backs of modern plastic-coated photos.

    Please note: graphite can smear. The softer the graphite, the more likely it is to smear. This is why we recommend using #2 or HB pencil for paper and 4B or 6B for plastic-coated photos. You can use a soft brush or blower to remove excess pencil dust. In our tests on RC photo paper, the 4B/6B smudges if you make an effort to smear it with your finger - wiping it with some pressure. The more pressure used, the more it will smear.

    As they are woodless they might not work with every pencil sharpener. We tested with an automatic sharpener and it worked. But it may go through the pencil more quickly. We recommend a quality handheld sharpener. We learned that these pencils are more fragile and likely to break if dropped than their wood cousins.

  • Features

    99-GP-MULTI includes 6 pencils of differing densities. HB (medium), 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B, and 9B (extra soft) and 1 small eraser in a compact tin storage case.

    99-GP-KIT includes 2 pencils - 4B and 6B - which work best for writing on the backs of resin-coated photographs. Also includes 2 pencil caps, 2 pencils extenders, 1 large eraser, and 1 pencil sharpener.

  • Specifications

    Cretacolor Monolith Woodless Graphite Pencils are made in Austria from pure graphite. Woodless refers to the fact that the graphite is 7mm thick and coated with a protective lacquer.

    The 4B and 6B hardnesses are the best for writing on the backs of resin-coated photo paper. Please note that the HB and 2B are too hard to write on photos and the 8B and 9B are more likely to have rub off.

    Monolith-line Erasers are soft, white erasers made of natural rubber.

    Marbled Pencil Extender or holder is useful when your pencils get shorter and become harder to hold. This is a perfect solution.

    Protect your pure graphite pencils tips with Metal Pencil Caps. The cap protects the tip from breaking and also from rub off.

    The single-hole magnesium Pencil Sharpener is made in Germany by M + R.

Woodless Graphite Pencils ITEM# : QTY. 1+ : ORDER :
Monolith Woodless Graphite Pencils
7 Component Set
6 Pencils - Various Densities
1 Small Eraser
Tin Storage Case
99-GP-MULTI $21.95
Graphite Pencil Kit
8 Component Kit
2 Pencils with 2 Caps
1 Large Eraser
2 Pencil Extenders
Pencil Sharper
99-GP-KIT $30.35
4B Graphite Pencils with Caps
PKG of 2
99-GP-4B2 $9.80
6B Graphite Pencils with Caps
PKG of 2
99-GP-6B2 $9.80
Metal Pencil Sharpener
99-GP-PSH $2.25
Monolith Pencil Extender
Marble Finish
99-GP-PEX $7.55
Monolith Large Eraser
99-GP-ERA $3.25
Metal Pencil Cap Protector
PKG of 6
99-GP-PCA $10.50