Orbit HEPA Blower

Orbit HEPA Blower
  • Application

    The Orbit HEPA Blower is a dust-free and moisture-free rocket style bulb blower. While it is recommended for cleaning lenses and sensors, bulb blowers have many other useful functions when it comes to archiving and framing projects.

    Use this blower for dust removal when scanning or printing negatives, framing your artwork, or preparing photos, books, and other items for archival storage.

    The Orbit HEPA Blower now comes in a cylindrical storage tube that protects it from dust and light while not in use.

    As this blower is ''Approved by NASA for use on the International Space Station'' we feel confident adding it to our line of archival supplies.

  • Features

    Measures: 7-1/2'' H x 2-1/2'' W

    Dust-free and moisture-free air output

    Airtight one-way valve

    Ionizing silicone bulb

    No-slip grip

    Airtight one-way valve

    Multi-pleated HEPA filter

    Dusty air intake

    Protective storage tube

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Orbit HEPA Blower
Dust & Moisture-Free HEPA Blower
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