• About our Custom Capabilities

    Archival Methods provides custom size window mats, aluminum section frames. Custom build Onyx Portfolios and Museum Drop Front Boxes.

  • Custom build Onyx Portfolios and Museum Drop Front Boxes

    In five easy steps, we will provide custom-sized portfolios using our two most popular designs and eight fabric choices. Need a logo stamped on the front; upload the artwork sized to the dimensions you would like.

  • Custom Window Mat Cutting

    We will custom cut window mats to your specifications, rectangle square, oval, or circle. You can make your selection from six tones of white and black 100% Cotton matboard in three thickness 2 Ply, 4 Ply, 8 Ply or Pearl White Conservation Board 2 Ply, 4 Ply. If you need multi-window openings no problem, we have a form to provide all the details we need.

  • Custom Aluminum Section Frames

    Frames are cut to your specifications, with a slight allowance (that we will make) for fitting the artwork and glazing (glass not included). Please measure your artwork carefully by using the old carpenter’s adage: “measure twice, cut once” before we cut your frame to your specifications. Please give us the exact width and height of your matted artwork and glass.