3-Ring Page Protectors

3-Ring Page Protectors
  • Application

    Designed for use in our 3-Ring Binders and Binder Boxes, 3-Ring Page Protectors provide unmatched protection for your valuable documents and prints. These optically clear polyester sleeves protect collections from scratches, oils, and fingerprints during handling. They also provide a barrier from dust and other pollutants in a storage environment.

  • Features

    Polyester is the clearest, most chemically inert of the plastics used for archival storage products. The 3 mils uncoated Melinex 516 (Dupont’s replacement for Mylar D) ensures that both the protective sleeve and adjacent prints will not chemically interact.

    One-piece construction with a flap edge on the 3-ring hole side provides protection yet easy access when needed. An acid- and lignin-free paper sheet lets you safely file two documents back-to-back. When filing a two-sided document, simply remove the insert. Oval-shaped 3-ring binder holes make turning the pages easy and prevent the holes from tearing, even with heavy use.

  • Specifications

    3-Ring Page Protectors fit in the following Binders:

    Collector Grade 3-Ring Binders (all sizes)
    Accent L-Series Binder Box
    Ringfolio Binder Boxes

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9 x 11'' H Page Protectors
PKG of 25
33-101 $17.55 $15.80 $14.90
10 x 11'' H Page Protectors
PKG of 25
33-102 $18.45 $16.60 $15.70