35mm Slide Storage Kits - 1200

35mm Slide Storage Kits - 1200
  • Application

    Our compact 35mm Slide Storage Kit uses a "box-within-a-box-within-a-box" system, resulting in a compact 11-3/4 x 15 x 3" rigid box that safely stores up to 1200 cardboard or plastic-mounted slides, or about 600 glass-mounted slides.

    This space-saving design provides multiple layers of protection for your valuable slides. Slide tray bins and slide dividers allow for exceptional organization, labeling, and accessibility.

  • Features

    Our unique kits consists of four components: a) 3’’ Drop Front Metal Edge Box that holds and protects the six individual Slide Boxes. b) 35mm Slide Boxes to hold Slide Tray Bins c) Slide Tray Bins to group slides together d) acid-free Slide Dividers for labeling

    All components are manufactured from ArchivalGrade boxboard and made in the USA.

    (a) Drop Front Master Box: This is one of our archival Metal Edge Drop Front Boxes (Tan: 01-033, Black: 01-133 or Gray: 01-533) and for this application it makes an ideal master box holding six of the Slide Boxes.

    (b) 35mm Slide Box: Each box safely stores 200 standard, cardboard or plastic mounted slides or approximately 100 glass-mounted slides. Interior dimensions are 2 x 11-3/8 x 2-1/4’’ H. (Can be purchased separately in packages of 3.)

    (c) Slide Tray Bin: Holds twenty-five 35mm cardboard mounted slides each. Eight Slide Tray Bins fit within each Slide Box. The trays have an extended back wall lip or tab for labeling. Trays have a “pop and lock” easy set-up design.

    (d) Acid-free Card Stock Slide Dividers: Paper inserts separate any number of slides in Slide Tray Bin or Boxes and can be used to label contents.

  • Specifications

    ArchivalGrade Boxboard Specifications Color Tan, Black, and Gray

    Tan / White: thickness .056 Black and Gray thickness .055

    Tan / White finish: smooth plate finish. Black finish: textured paper laminated on acid-free black core. Gray/ White finish: smooth plate finish.

    Made from fully bleached, high alpha cellulose pulp. It does not contain any post consumer waste recycled pulp. Paper is free of metal particles, waxes, plasticizers, residual bleach, peroxide, sulfur content is less than 0.0008% reducible sulfur.

    The lignin content is measured by the phloroglucinol test with a Kappa number of 5 or less.

    Metallic Impurities, Iron will not exceed 150 ppm and copper shall not exceed 6 ppm.No optical brightening agents are used in the pulp.

    The paper contains a minimum of 3% calcium carbonate (CaCO3) with a pH range 8-9.5

    Alkaline or neutral sizing are used. No alum rosin or rosin sizing are used.

    Color dyes are light-fast and non-bleeding.

    Surface of the paper is smooth and free from knots, shives and abrasive particles.

    Board will not degrade and cause harm to artifacts stored in boxes made from this paper.

    This paper passes the PAT (Photographic Activity Test) ISO 14523 formally ANSI IT9.16

  • Resources

    Video Overview: 35mm Slide Storage

Kit includes: 48 Slide Trays, 6 Slide
Boxes, 50 Slide Dividers & Master Box
ITEM# : QTY. 1 : QTY. 2-9 : QTY. 10+ : ORDER :
Tan Slide Kit
Holds 1200 slides
07-062 $106.35 $106.35 $106.35
Gray Slide Kit
Holds 1200 slides
07-562 $106.35 $106.35 $106.35
Black Slide Kit
Holds 1200 slides
07-162 $106.35 $106.35 $106.35
Individual Components ITEM# : QTY. 1 : QTY. 2-9 : QTY. 10+ : ORDER :
Tan Drop Front Box
11-3/4 x 15 x 3'' H
01-033 $20.90 $18.80 $17.75
Gray Drop Front Box
11-3/4 x 15 x 3'' H
01-533 $20.90 $18.80 $17.75
Black Drop Front Box
11-3/4 x 15 x 3'' H
01-133 $20.90 $18.80 $17.75
Tan Slide Boxes - PKG of 3
2 x 11-3/8 x 2-1/4’’ H
07-001-3 $33.30 $29.95 $28.30
Gray Slide Boxes - PKG of 3
2 x 11-3/8 x 2-1/4’’ H
07-501-3 $33.30 $29.95 $28.30
Black Slide Boxes - PKG of 3
2 x 11-3/8 x 2-1/4’’ H
07-102-3 $33.30 $29.95 $28.30
Slide Tray Bins - PKG of 24
1-1/4 x 2 x 2-1/4'' H
07-002 $9.05 $8.15 $7.70
Slide Dividers - PKG of 50
1-15/16 x 2-1/4'' H
07-2214 $0.80 $0.70 $0.65