Archival Methods: Our Sleeves
    One of the true luxuries of a photo collection is being able to share your photographs – old and new - with others. One drawback, however, is that this leaves delicate photographs completely vulnerable to the potential wear and tear associated with various individuals handling them. Archival Methods’ sleeves, made specifically for photographic prints and negatives yet perfect for a variety of other flat collectibles, allow one to share their collections with the added layer of protection and security that high quality archival sleeves provide.

    About Our Sleeves
    To address the specific levels of protection you need, we offer a fine selection of sleeves to fit your budget and archival requirements. Our film storage systems provide optimal protection and organization. Each system includes components such as the side lock film sleeves and film interleaving folders . Our side loading film sleeves are available in sixteen sizes for your storage needs. For those on a budget, the 3-Sides Sleeves provide archival quality protection at an affordable price.

    Let Us Help You Find What You Need!
    The staff at Archival Methods are experts who are truly passionate about our mission! We are thus a great resource for you should you have any questions. We can honestly tell you exactly what you’ll need for your particular project, collection or portfolio, so we encourage you to reach out to us should you have any questions at all. Please take your time browsing our fine selection of sleeves below, and contact us with any questions you may have. For a quick overview, please watch our short Differences Between Archival Quality Plastics Video.