Product Highlights:

    Discover our extensive range of sleeves designed to provide superior protection for your valuable collections.

    Side Loading Sleeves - Polyester: Optically clear polyester sleeves offer unmatched physical and environmental print protection. These sleeves safeguard your items from scratches and fingerprints during handling and protect against dust and pollutants in storage.

    Side Lock Film Sleeves: Available in clear 3 mil. polypropylene or polyester, these sleeves feature a self-locking side fold to secure the film. Polyester sleeves are crystal clear and more rigid, making viewing and handling easier while offering high protection levels.

    3-Sided Sleeves - Polypropylene: These 1.5 mils polypropylene sleeves are perfect for displaying, handling, and storing prints, artwork, photographs, and documents. Open on one short side without a flap, they provide excellent clarity, low electrostatic charge, and are acid-free and safe for long-term storage.

    Film Interleaving Folders:: Made of polyester, these single-fold folders allow easy insertion and removal of materials and are designed for use with matching-sized open-end envelopes.

    Negative File Folders: Organize and store your 35mm and medium format film negatives with these pocket-style folders. They allow filing by assignment, subject, or roll number, with an index tab for important information.

    HD Poly Envelopes Perfect for preserving valuable photographs and documents. These acid-free envelopes are made of high-density polyethylene, which has a frosted appearance. Envelopes are sealed on three sides with a 1/8" lip on the open side. They provide reliable archival storage, ensuring your items remain safe over time. Ideal for art storage, they are durable, transparent, and protective, making them an essential addition to your archival supplies.

    Our archival supplies are designed to ensure your prints, photos, and negatives remain pristine and offer reliable archival storage solutions.