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Find a Conservator

American Institute for Conservation (AIC) › culturalheritage.org/about-conservation/find-a-conservator

Digital Backup

A comprehensive overview and best practices on digital backups. › dpbestflow.org

Print Identification

Online resource for print identification. › graphicsatlas.org

How to +

How-to Articles, Essays, News, Books, Opportunities and more. › thehandmadephotograph.com


American Photography Archives Group

An organization for to help manage photography archives. › apag.us

American Society of Media Photographers

World wide trade association for photographers. › asmp.org

Apogee Photo Magazine

One of the oldest photography magazines on the web. › apogeephoto.com

Artist of the Day

Promotes and display artists work. › artistoftheday.blogspot.com

Art Deadline List

A database that lists juried art competitions, grants, jobs, festivals & more. › artdeadlineslist.com

Art List

Monthly e-Newsletter and searchable database listing upcoming art contests, competitions and opportunities › theartlist.com

Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD)

A collective voice of art photography dealers. › aipad.com

Free Photo Gallery

A non-profit providing free listing for fine art photography. › freephotogallery.info

Local Darkroom

Find or share a dark room. › localdarkroom.com


A resource for curators and photographers for exhibitions and education. › Luminous-Lint.com

New York Center for Photographic Art

Exhibition opportunities in New York City. › nyc4pa.com

Photography Directory Project

A searchable directory of photographers and resources. › photographydirectoryproject.com


The Photo Managers

If you need help with photo organization, there is a Photo Manager member in your area ready to help › thephotomanagers.com/hire-a-pro/

Photo Nanny

Organizes photos and memorabilia, scans prints and digitizes film. › photo-nanny.com


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