Mat Board & Paper Samples In Stock

Mat Board & Paper Samples
  • Application

    Mat Board Samples - foam board and all mat board colors and thicknesses to help you pick the right materials for your presentation, exhibition, or storage needs. See Features tab for details.
    Paper Samples - all of our archival paper options. See Specifications tab for details.

    • Tan with White, Black with Black, and Gray with White ArchivalGrade Boxboard used to make our Metal Edge Boxes - acid-free, lignin-free, and buffered
    - .056'' thick

    • black Buckram used on our RingFolio Binder Boxes, Onyx Portfolio Boxes, and Collector Grade Binders. Also includes the red, green, and blue Buckram offered on certain Binders.

    • black Arlington book cloth used on our Museum Solander Cases, Museum Drop Front Boxes, Digital Print Folios, and Accent L-Series Binder. Also includes three of the popular custom-only colors - Charcoal, Pearl (light gray), and Navy Blue.
    Identification labels are placed on the backs of these samples.

    Shipping is included in the price of each of these items.

    If you are ordering Custom Boxes , contact us about the numerous color options available in the Buckram and Arlington finishes. This sample pack does include the Arlington custom colors Charcoal, Pearl, and Navy Blue. But there are many more colors available.

  • Features

    All boards are acid-free, lignin-free, and buffered. No optical brighteners are used in our boards.

    • POLAR WHITE Museum Board (100% Cotton)
    - cool white

    • BRIGHT WHITE Museum Board (100% Cotton)
    - neutral white

    • WARM WHITE Museum Board (100% Cotton)
    - neutral/warm white

    • ANTIQUE WHITE Museum Board (100% Cotton)
    - warm white/ivory

    • NATURAL WHITE Museum Board (100% Cotton)
    - cream

    • BLACK Museum Board (100% Cotton)
    - black

    • PEARL WHITE Conservation Board (Purified Wood Pulp - more economical than Museum Board)
    - neutral/warm white, similar to Warm White

    • GALLERY WHITE Conservation Board (Purified Wood Pulp - more economical than Museum Board)
    - neutral, similar to Bright White

    • ACID-FREE FOAMBOARD 1/8’’ thick
    - White

  • Specifications

    All papers are acid-free and lignin-free. Paper is buffered unless otherwise noted.

    Archival Tissue Paper (25 gsm)
    Sample pack features our buffered tissue. We offer buffered and unbuffered tissue. They look the same.

    Glassine Interleaving Paper (40 gsm)

    Archival Thin Paper (45 gsm)

    Permalife 20 lb. Bond Paper (75 gsm)

    Archival Paper (120 gsm)

    Black Acid-Free Card Stock (148 gsm)

    Gray Acid-Free Card Stock (210 gsm)

    White Acid-Free Card Stock (290 gsm)

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Mat Board & Paper Sample Pack
4 x 5’’ Samples
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Raw Materials Sample Pack
4 x 5’’ Samples
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