Safety Hangers 30 lb

Safety Hangers 30 lb
  • Application

    When hung on Safety Hangers, the picture wire, attached to the closed loop, is more secure against thefts and accidents. As it is harder to quickly remove the artwork from the wall, it deters thefts in public spaces.

    In heavily trafficked areas, earthquake belts, or tight spaces like staircases, Safety Hangers help prevent framed items from being accidentally knocked off the wall.

  • Features

    Includes high-quality brass plated hangers and heavy-duty steel nails with knurled heads. The spring-loaded clip traps the hanging wire in a closed loop, preventing a simple upward motion from dislodging the wire.

    To release, simply reach around to the back of the frame and push the clip back to remove the wire from the hanger before taking the picture off the wall.

    We recommend always using two picture hooks per frame as this helps keep your pictures level. It is also useful when hanging heavy frames. In the case of Safety Hangers, it's also good for added security.

    Available in packages of 10 and 25.

Safety Hangers 30 lb. - PKG of 10 ITEM# : QTY. 1+ : ORDER :
10 Safety Hangers & Nails
104-30-10 $4.75
Safety Hangers 30 lb. - PKG of 25 ITEM# : QTY. 1+ : ORDER :
25 Safety Hangers & Nails
104-30-25 $8.95