Rolls Glassine Interleaving In Stock

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Rolls Glassine Interleaving
  • Application

    Archival Glassine traditionally used for storing prints, etchings, maps, watercolors, drawings, and inkjet prints that do not have a gelatin layer. This interleaving paper features a smooth, unbuffered surface on both sides.

    Please note: seconds, discontinued, and discounted items are not eligible for return.

    These sheets should not be used with photographic negatives and silver gelatin prints, as these photographic mediums have a gelatin layer. With high humidity and warm temperatures, the gelatin layer can become soft and the smooth surface of the glassine sheets can stick to the negative or print, causing unwanted damage.

    Please note that this is the last of our 39lb Translucent Interleaving. It has been discontinued and replaced with 25lb. Glassine Interleaving in sheet form only.

  • Features

    Glassine is a smooth, glossy, translucent paper that is air, water, and grease resistant. It is a good interleaving paper for books, inkjet prints, etchings, watercolor paintings, and drawings.

    Glassine could stick to gelatin-based photographs and negatives under certain conditions, so it should not be used to store these items.

    If using glassine to interleave or wrap paintings, be sure that the artwork is completely dried and cured before storing.

  • Specifications

    Color: Pure White

    Unbuffered neutral pH (7.0+/-.5)

    Weight: 39 Lbs/63gsm

    Caliper: 2.52 mils.

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44'' Wide 250 Feet Long
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