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Desiccant Canisters
  • Application

    These reusable canisters are perfect for extracting harmful moisture within small spaces, boxes and containers. Protects up to three cubic feet of sealed space per canister. Simply include one of these canisters with your documents or artifacts and water vapor is absorbed and contained within the desiccant material to maintain a safe relative humidity.

    The plastic desiccant can be recharged in an oven or a microwave, but a metal desiccant can only be recharged in an oven.

    Please note: the plastic desiccant outer casing may melt in a microwave oven depending on the strength of the microwave and length of time used. Instructions recommend microwaving for 15 seconds and then letting the canister cool completely before doing it for another 15 seconds, and so on.

  • Features

    When the round silica gel crystals turn from orange to dark green the canister will need to be reactivated.

    You can reactivate the Metal Desiccant Canister for full reuse in a conventional oven only (Do NOT use a microwave!)

    You can reactivate the Plastic Desiccant Canister for reuse in a conventional oven (recommended) or a microwave oven.

    Follow the instructions on how to reactivate your desiccant canister

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PLASTIC Case 2-1/4 x 2-1/4 x 1''
53-045 $15.10 $13.90 $12.20
METAL Case 2 x 4 x 1/2''
53-001 $15.60 $14.35 $13.75