Renaissance Wax

Renaissance Wax
  • Application

    Renaissance Wax, a high-quality blend of refined micro-crystalline waxes, is designed for long-term protection of many surfaces. It also effectively cleans and polishes all solid surfaces including metal, wood, marble, shell, stone, ivory, plastic, leather and even paper, without staining or discoloring.

    It has high moisture resistance and can be used to protect paper book covers from fingerprints and as a protective coating on photographs. This wax will provide moisture resistance when applied to gloss surface inkjet prints but should not be used on matte surface inkjet papers.

    The wax will not stain or darken even the whitest papers and adds protection and luster to watercolors and other works on paper.

  • Features

    Renaissance Wax was developed by the British Museum in the 1950s because the commercial waxes at that time, based on natural beeswax and carnauba wax, contained harmful acids.

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Renaissance Wax - 65 ml / 2.25 oz.
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