Four-Up Negative File Kit

  • Application

    Most commercial film processing labs return color negatives in strips of four frames or images, and our Four-Up Negative File Kit provides the perfect solution for the long-term archival storage for these 4-frame 35 mm negatives. (Please Note: the 35 mm Sleeves included in this kit should be trimmed to fit your negatives.)

  • Features

    This kit offers a three-step process.1) Film negatives are placed in our 35mm Sleeves for protection.2) Sleeves are then placed into acid-free folders for sorting and cataloging.3) Negative Folders are then stored in the short top box.The kit contains a Short Top Box (item #04-003) / a package of 50 Negative File Folders (item #22-400) / two packages of 50 Side Lock Film Sleeves (item #31-001) / and 25 All-Purpose Index Cards (item #02-04-Index). Please keep in mind that each sleeve is designed to hold one strip of negatives, which provides the best protection over time and makes locating the negative you are looking for quick and easy. Each file folder will hold a full roll of six strips, and each box holds up to 50 Negative File Folders.

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Four-Up Negative File Kit
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