Eight Pocket CD/DVD Pages

  • Application

    Featuring clear polypropylene pockets on both sides with a black anti-static middle, these pages are designed to safely store and protect your CDs and DVDs.

    Due to the larger size of this CD page (11” W x 10-7/8’’ H) it can be used with our Accent L- Series Binder Box or the Binder-In-Box, which are available in tan, gray, black, and white. Sold in packages of 10.

    Each page holds eight CDs, four on each side. The Binder-In-Box can hold 15 full pages/120 CDs.

Eight Pocket CD/DVD Pages PKG. of 10 ITEM# : QTY. 1-4 : QTY. 5-9 : QTY. 10+ : ORDER :
Eight Pocket CD/DVD Pages 11-1/8 x 10-7/8''
56-800 $15.75 $14.20 $13.40