Black Proof Boxes

Black Proof Boxes
  • Application

    Now you can deliver proofs with elegance in order to make your presentation as engaging as your actual work. Our Black Proof Boxes are also widely used for both on-site storage and as a reusable inner box for shipping in a corrugated container or other shipping cases.

    Boxes are intended for storing proofs and not for long-term storage, as the box materials have not been submitted for archival testing.

  • Features

    These precision boxes are of two-piece construction with a black paper lining and a black textured acrylic coated exterior. The double-wall thickness of all box panels assures rigidity and resistance to crushing. Boxes are designed with a close tolerance to keep out dust and dirt.

  • Specifications

    While these Black Proof Boxes are constructed of the finest materials they are not specified for archival storage applications. Since they are intended for use as proof boxes and not for generational or long-term archival storage of images, the materials used to the construct the boxes have not been submitted for formalized archival testing.

1-3/8'' - Black Proof Box
(interior dimensions in inches)
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