35 mm Slide Storage

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35 mm Slide Storage
While it's become common for people to store their photos digitally these days, if you still have 35 millimeter slides that contain precious family photos from the past or educational slide shows, you want to make sure they stay preserved and protected. The best way to do this is to keep them in a storage system designed specifically for this purpose.

Our 35 millimeter Storage System has three main components. First, eight slide tray bins capable of holding up to 25 35 millimeter cardboard mounted slides. These trays have extended backwall lips that allow you to clearly label each one. This allows you to easily separate slides by the years they were taken, or the important family moments they document.

Secondly, 35 millimeter slide boxes that can up to hold 200 standard, cardboard mounted slides and about 100 glass-mounted slides each. These are sold in packages of three.

Finally, we have the system drop front master box that can hold up to six of the 35 millimeter slide boxes. This means you can potentially store 1200 cardboard-mounted  slides or about 600 glass-mounts, and feel confident that they will be protected for years thanks to our box-within-a-box design.   As an added bonus, this storage system also comes with acid-free cardstock dividers that can help you further organize your slides.

In these modern times, it is more important than ever for the integrity of 35 millimeter slides to be preserved. Keep your memories protected for decades with our trusted 35 millimeter storage system.