Ordering Custom Mats with Archival Methods

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Ordering Custom Mats with Archival Methods
Archival Methods Custom Window Mat Cutting www.archivalmethods.com/product/custom-mat-cutting

While we offer many pre-cut mats for you to choose from to display your artwork or photos, sometimes you need something very specific. This is where our Gunnar custom mat-cutter, comes in. Creating a custom mat on our website is simpler than ever - all you have to do is choose your preferences and we'll do the rest.

  First, choose the ply and color of the board that you want for the window of the mat and the backing. We offer archival100% cotton and conservation boards in 2, 4 and 8 ply.

Once you've chosen your color and ply, the next step is to determine the measurements you need. You can customize both the outside mat board height and width, as well as the window opening height and width.

  Next, pick the window position - either centered or weighted bottom. Choosing a weighted bottom will make the bottom border 1” larger than the top. You can also choose if you would like to hinge your window mat to a backing board and rather it will be on the long or short side of the mat. If you would like a different size weights bottom tell us in special instructions.

Finally, pick the quantity of mats you need and complete your order and we'll create exactly what you need!

  Remember, you can also choose oval and circle window mats or mats with multiple windows! If you can imagine a mat design, we can make it.