How to Assemble a Complete Frame Kit

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How to Assemble a Complete Frame Kit
Archival Methods Complete Frame Kit

Today, we're going to assemble a Complete Frame Kit, available at Archival Methods. First, you want to make sure you're working on a flat, clean surface and carefully lay out all the components of the frame kit keeping the hardware in its bag for the time being. Be sure to inspect each component for any defects.

You’ll then want to insert your print into the window mat with the included mounting corners. Open the mat and place the print in the center and then close the mat to check that it is positioned the way you like. Then mount the print to the backing board with the corners. If need be, you can mark the corners of the backing board with a pencil to ensure the print is lined up correctly. The next step is to remove the protective paper from one side of the UF-5 Acrylite glazing. Then place the side in which the paper has been removed face down on the front of the window mat and foamboard backing. This will keep any dust or dirt from sticking to the glazing. You’ll then repeat the tube technique to remove the other side of protective paper. Now set aside the backing, matted print and UF-5.

It is now time to start assembling the aluminum frame. Open the bag of hardware and separate the pieces; springs, omni hangers, corner bumpers, back plates and tapped corners with screws. You’ll need to determine which profile pieces will be the top, bottom and sides of the frame. Lay the bottom and the sides out in a “U” shape with the two long rails on the side. Set aside the top piece for later. Insert two angles (1 back plate and 1 tapped corner with screws) into the track at each end of the bottom frame piece, making sure the screws are facing outwards. Then slide the pieces of the frame into the angles and tighten the four screws. Once you've done that, you're ready to gently slide the UF-5, matted print and foamboard backing into the frame. Slide them into the channel together and inspect for any dust or dirt spots on the window mat or glazing and that the print is positioned where you want it.

Next, flip the nearly assembled frame over. Complete the frame by sliding the remaining two back plates and tapped corner pieces into place and tighten the screws. Be sure to check the corners so that they are aligned properly and all screws are secure.

Then place the spring tension clips between the joining track and the backing of the frame. Slide the omni hangers into each side of the frame by tilting them and resting them against the hardware channel lip. Then, tighten the screws until secured.

You can now attach the frame wire. Thread through the eye of an omni hanger and go back around again. Then create a knot and twist around the wire to secure in place. Cut the wire to the length needed and repeat the threading of the other omni hanger.

Then peel and stick the bumpers onto the bottom corners of the frame. They will keep the frame stable and save your wall from any scuffing.

Finally, find the perfect place to hang your newly framed print and enjoy your artwork!