4 x 6 Print Organizers

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4 x 6 Print Organizers
4 x 6 Print Organizers

If you're having trouble storing your 4 x 6 prints that's not surprising. Desk drawers, pigeonholes, photo-finishing envelopes or baskets as storage solutions aren’t the best options for large quantities of prints. However, at Archival Methods, we have designed the following kits for this purpose.

QPO 2400 Kit - This sturdy organizer can hold 2400 4” x 6”' prints. While the components can be purchased separately, purchasing as kit will save your 20%. The components are made from fully bleached, high alpha cellulose pulp archival grade boxboard and are also acid & lignin free.

QPO 1202 Kit - Our Hinged Lid Black metal edge box has the capacity to store 1,200 prints within four print caddies, each of which holds polyethylene bags filled with your 4” x 6” prints. The organizer also includes index card dividers to better help you label your photos.

QPO 1000 Kit - This metal edged kit you can organize up to 1005 of your 4” x 6” prints by dividing them into categories and placing them in the 15 clear file boxes provided.

No matter which boxes you choose, you can feel confident that your prints will are protected.