Mat Board Samples

  • Application

    Our 4x5 inch Mat Board Samples Kit makes it easy to compare colors and thicknesses.

    These Mat Board Samples will make it easy to compare colors and thicknesses to help you pick just the right mat boards and backing materials for any of your presentation, exhibition or storage projects. Please Note: no optical brighteners are used in any of Archival Methods’ high quality mat boards.

  • Features

    • Bright White Museum Board is a neutral tone board. (100% Cotton)

    • Polar White Museum Board has a cool tone with a blue shift. (100% Cotton)

    • Warm White Museum board has a very slight yellow cast yet still on the neutral side. (100% Cotton)

    • Natural White Museum Board is creamed colored. (100% Cotton)

    • Antique White Museum Board has a yellow/ivory tone. (100% Cotton)

    • Pearl White Conservation Board has a yellow/ivory tone similar to the Antique White Museum Board. Made from purified wood pulp.

    As well as a sample of Black Museum Board (100% Cotton), Archival Corrugated E-Flute & Acid-Free Foamboard. Not shown in photos.

    Watch Archival Methods’ short video 100% Cotton Museum Board

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    White mat boards have small tonal shifts in color that cannot be reproduced accurately on computer screens, as each monitor will display colors differently depending on its calibration. To make the best selection regarding the color of the mat board you wish to use, it is best to evaluate a mat board sample and your artwork together under the same lighting conditions. Order the Mat Board Sample Kit below to choose the best option for you.

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Mat Board Samples
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