Mat Board Samples

Mat Board Samples
  • Application

    Mat Board Samples make it easy to compare colors and thicknesses to help you pick the right mat boards and backing materials for your presentation, exhibition, or storage needs.

    Sample pack includes all of our matboard options, foam board, and corrugated e-flute.

    If you are only ordering matboard samples, the $2 we charge covers the shipping costs.

  • Features

    No optical brighteners are used in any of Archival Methods’ high quality mat boards.

    • POLAR WHITE Museum Board (100% Cotton)
    - cool white

    • BRIGHT WHITE Museum Board (100% Cotton)
    - neutral white

    • WARM WHITE Museum Board (100% Cotton)
    - neutral/warm white

    • ANTIQUE WHITE Museum Board (100% Cotton)
    - warm white/ivory

    • NATURAL WHITE Museum Board (100% Cotton)
    - cream

    • BLACK Museum Board (100% Cotton)
    - deep black

    • PEARL WHITE Conservation Board (Purified Wood Pulp - more economical than Museum Board)
    - neutral/warm white, similar to Warm White

    • Archival Corrugated E-Flute - Blue Gray

    • Acid-Free Foamboard - White

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