• Application

    Scratched, damaged or mishandled original prints are often needlessly ruined. Similarly, oily or dirty fingerprints do film and negatives no good. It is therefore standard practice to always keep original prints and negatives (and even dupes) in protective sleeves both for handling and for long-term storage. Clear front and back polypropylene sleeves allow viewing without the need to remove the original image or negative from its sleeve, and protect the image from dirt and scratches during handling and while in storage.

  • Features

    These film sleeves are sealed along the larger dimension and open on both ends. This permits film and prints to be easily and safely inserted yet prevents images from sliding out or shifting during inspection or filing. Sleeves are made of archivally safe, clear 2.5 mil heavy-weight polypropylene. Polypropylene will not interact with film and prevents interaction between adjacent items in long-term storage. (Note: Our 2-1/4” sleeve is suitable for all medium formats up to 6 x 7 cm.)

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    Unfortunately, this product will no longer be available. Available quantities will be updated on sizes listed below, until they are depleted. An alternative product would be the 3 SIDED SLEEVES.

Print & Film Sleeves
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2-1/4 Polypropylene 2-1/2 x 2-13/16''
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