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washing agent - Also known as an archival rinse, the solution aids the removal of residual fixer and silver-sulfur compounds from emulsions and paper based fibers.

water stain - Discoloration of paper caused by direct contact with fluids or excessive humidity.

watermark - The mark made within a sheet of paper by a raised design on the screen of a paper mold, which serves as the mark of the papermaker. It may be seen by holding the paper up to the light.

wet-mount - The technique of gluing artwork to a support with water-based adhesives.

wheat starch - Traditional starch used as mounting paste.

white light - The visible spectrum of light, whether artificial or natural.

window mats - An overmat cut with an opening to allow artwork mounted on backing mat to be displayed.

wood pulp - Prepared for papermaking from trees of various kinds. The process of manufacture includes two distinct classes: (1) mechanical wood pulp or ground wood from which newsprint is made; (2) chemical pulp, produced by various methods, which is a higher grade since more lignin and other impurities are removed.