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Van Dyke Process - Alternative process similar to Kallitype process also known as brown prints. An iron salt process that requires contact printing, the emulsion is composed of relatively simple chemistry. The print requires processing and toning to permanently fix the image and is best known for its distinctive rich brown color.

vapor seal envelopes - A laminated moisture proof, multilayered material designed for cold storage of films, papers and transparencies.

variable contrast papers - Photographic printing paper whose emulsions respond to general contrast filters placed in the path of the enlarger light source. The filters provide various grades of contrast in various steps from low to high contrast, to allow the printer control in printing a well- crafted print.

vellum - Originally the skin of calf, usually not over six weeks old, cleaned of adhering flesh hair, fat and muscle, and preserved by soaking in a lime solution, then carefully dried, stretched, scraped, and polished; used for writing or printing upon, or as binding material. Now used to describe a smooth paper finish.

vinyl - The word vinyl is imprecisely used to refer to any of a number of plastics, many of which are not appropriate for use in preservation. For specific safe plastics, see polyester, polypropylene, polyvinyl acetate, acrylic.