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offset - The accidental transfer of ink from a printed page or illustration to another page.

opaque - (1) A condition in which no light is allowed to pass through; (2) special markers or paints that block light; (3) to block out unwanted areas op transparencies before printing.

oval mat - A mat with an oval opening but usually a rectangular circumference. Sometimes, when an oval frame is -used, the oval mat is cut to fit.

overlay mat - The top mat cut with window or opening that exposes and presents the original artwork underneath. The overmat provides a spacing between the artwork and glazing material to prevent contact. Especially important with photographs, which may permanently adhere to the glass over time.

overmat - The mat that is applied on top of an undermat to create a multiple-layered effect such as the double mat or triple mat.

oxidation - Chemical reaction that converts an element into its oxide; to combine with oxygen. Image silver can react chemically with oxidizing agents, resulting in the discoloration of photographs.