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negative - Developed film that contains a reversed-tone image of the original object. Light areas of the image are represented by heavy or dark deposits of silver, and the dark portions are light or transparent. When negatives are printed on paper or film, positive images are produced in which the tone values are similar to what they were on the original object.

neutral pH - Exhibiting neither acid nor base (alkaline) qualities; 7.0 on the pH scale. Paper and board stock with a neutral pH are recommended as a storage material for photographic materials.

newsprint - The white pulp paper on which newspapers are printed. It has high acid content and is quick to deteriorate, but artists love it because it is cheap and it has a natural tooth that receives the chalk and charcoal very well. It is used as a basic drawing pad in most schools and even by professionals.

nitrate based firms - Film base for emulsions popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Composed of cellulose nitrate, a somewhat dangerous compound known for its flammability and explosive properties. Requires special storage conditions including a buffered paper environment and/or cold storage.

non-aqueous - Solution that does not contain water or is not water-based. nonporous: Without absorbent qualities.

non-archival - Possessing qualities that indicate deterioration during aging. A non-archival product will break down, deteriorate, or cause adverse affects to items it is in contact with. Also refers to procedures that are non-reversible. An archival procedure must be reversible, i.e., not permanently alter the artifact.

non-bleeding - Showing no characteristics of dye or pigment transfer from one material in damp contact with another while under pressure for a specified period of time (48 hours).

non-buffered - As in non-buffered paper, pulp which is not impregnated with buffering agents such as calcium carbonate. Buffering agents have adverse affects on Cyanotype (blue prints) and Dye Transfer photographs and protein based textiles silk, wool.

non-reversible - A property which indicates a permanent condition. Non-archival characteristic, as in permanent adhesive, or a mounting technique that will not permit original artwork to be removed without damage occurring to the work.

non-woven - Fibrous materials that are produced without the use of a weaving process. Examples are paper and Tyvek.