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electrostatic charge - Phenomena of attraction and repulsion of electric charges. Used in precharged dusting rags and a painting process for metal finishes.

emulsion - A gelatin containing a dispersed light-sensitive agent (usually some form of silver) that has been applied to a base of film, glass, paper, or similar material. Processing the emulsion causes the changes in density that constitutes the photograph.

encapsulation - polyester encapsulation: A form of protective enclosure for papers and other flat objects; involves placing the item between two sheets of transparent polyester film that are subsequently sealed around all edges. The object is thus physically supported and protected from the atmosphere, although it may continue to deteriorate in the capsule. Because the object is not adhered to the polyester, it can be removed simply by cutting one or more edges of the polyester.

enlargement - A photographic print that is larger than the negative; made by projecting an image of the negative through a lens onto a photographic paper.

enlarger - Device for projecting film images on to sensitized paper for the purpose of printing the images in various sizes or formats, as desired.

enlarging focuser - High power viewing lens system used to fine focus negative image in the enlarger during printing process. The focuser magnifies the grain of the negative for critical focusing of the enlarger.

ephemera - The transient everyday items that are manufactured specifically for use and disposal. For example, advertising materials, product labels, boxes, etc.

etching - An intaglio printing process in which the lines are scratched through a protective coating on a metal plate, which is then immersed in acid. The acid "bites" the image into the metal surface, which is then inked, wiped, and printed.

exposure - (1) The act of exposing a light-sensitive material to a light source. (2) A section of film containing an individual image. (3) The duration of time that a sensitive surface is exposed to a light source.

extruded polystyrene - Lightweight but strong plastic forced through a die (extruded) that composes the inner layer of a product such as Fome-Cor. The polystyrene is flexible in compression to allow Fome-Cor to be somewhat shock resistant.