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father's day ideas
“Hello, Dad? Yeah, I’m just calling to wish you a Happy Father’s Day!
I wish I coulda found something unique to give ya, but I just couldn’t figure anything out. Maybe next year. OK, I gotta go. Happy Father’s Day. Bye.” 



Yeah, don’t be THAT kid!

Here at Archival Methods we’ve got some truly unique ways to make Father’s Day a memorable moment in the WHOLE FAMILY’S life, so please read on!



Preserving Memories: Unforgettable Father’s Day Ideas



Father’s Day is right around the corner. So, are you gonna let another one slide by with just a goofy greeting card or the stereotypical (i.e. hideous) tie?



father's day ideas
(Please click on the image for more information.)



Yeah, no.

Ya know what would REALLY float Dad’s boat?

A gift from the heart!

One that actually reflects the family history that makes him “DAD,” and that makes you…well…”YOU.”



  father's day ideas     father's day ideas  
Before and After.
Go grab that old shoebox full of family snapshots, then organize and archivally preserve them.
Dad will LOVE it!  It is his (and his family’s!) life in pictures, after all.

(Please click on each image for more information on preserving snapshots.)



I can tell ya right now folks – without EVER having met ya – that there are old family snapshots (see pix above) / photo albums / saved articles of clothing (your baby shoes or clothes / Dad’s high school or college letterman’s sweater or military uniform, etc. – see pix below) / cool family letters & documents from Dad’s life / and other such sentimentally important family artifacts that actually MEAN something to dear ol’ Dad!



  father's day ideas       father's day ideas  
Dear old Dad’s high school varsity letterman’s sweater (on left) from a grajillion years ago (back when that sort of thing was a thing),
safely ( = archivally!) preserved in an acid-free Textile Storage Kit (on right).
Do this FOR him. He’ll love the fact that you cared!

(Please click on each image for more information on archivally preserving heirloom fabrics and textiles.)



Picture Dad, then, opening up any of the family artifacts mentioned above and below – or any others that might be tucked away in the attic or basement – each archivally preserved and ready for either display (framed pix or important letters and such) or ready for CORRECT long-term archival storage (NOT in the aforementioned attic or basement, cuz leaky roofs / pipes / water heaters will ruin things – please click here to see our full blog on Archival Horror Stories & Disasters).


Now THAT’S something Dad will remember and cherish for the rest of time, so GO FOR IT!!!

Some other cool suggestions:






  father's day ideas     father's day ideas


Got an old portrait drawing (left hand pix) or a family photograph (right hand pix) that Dad would love to see archivally matted & framed?
We can make all that SUPER EASY, and it won’t break the bank as some frame shops will do!
(Please click on each image for more information on do-it-yourself archival matting and framing.)


  father's day ideas     father's day ideas






  father's day ideas          father's day ideas


While we’re on the subject of matting & framing, are you an artist or a photographer? Do you have a great print or image that Dad would like?
Consider measuring it and ordering a pre-cut or custom-cut mat, and a frame (many styles available) to match, and put it together yourself!
It will make a wonderful, PERSONAL Father’s Day gift!

(Please click on each image for more information on mats and frames.)


  father's day ideas           father's day ideas






  father's day ideas     father's day ideas


Dad will love the fact that you took the time to organize and archivally preserve his parents’ (or grandparents’) old photo albums.
The same could be done with more recent cheap photo albums (below left) by transferring your family pix into archival pages & binders.
(Please click on each image for more information on preserving old photo albums.)


  father's day ideas     father's day ideas






  father's day ideas     father's day ideas


Does Dad have a bunch of old family letters or documents? Organize them and place them in archival envelopes / pages / or bags.
(Please click on each image for more information on archivally protecting old family letters.)


  father's day ideas     father's day ideas






  father's day ideas     father's day ideas


Back in the day, keeping the family’s collection of vacation slides or home movies together was a chore that “usually” fell to Dad.
Take that responsibility on yourself and surprise Dad by organizing and archivally securing these irreplaceable family treasures!
(Please click on each image for more information on the easy and correct storage of 35mm slides and 8mm home movies.)


  father's day ideas     father's day ideas






  father's day ideas        father's day ideas  

I’m here to tell ya, folks, that boys DO in fact love their toys, no matter what age they are. 
Surprise Dad by archivally storing his toys — old and new — in the correct acid-free boxes with the correct cushioning materials

(Please click on each image for lots more information on preserving toys.)

  father's day ideas         father's day ideas






father's day ideas



In closing, if you don’t want to tackle any of this stuff yourself — even though our fully-illustrated blogs and short videos make things super easy — but you know that Dad would love to get any (or all!) of the above done, then consider an Archival Methods’ Gift Certificate in any amount you’d like.

You could also give one of these to Dad with the idea of working WITH him on each project, which we’re happy to walk you through with our informative step-by-step blogs.

How cool is THAT!

So folks, when the sun sets on June 19th — Father’s Day — don’t be that kid in the pix at the top of this blog.

Be THIS kid, instead:



father's day ideas
“Hello, Dad? Yeah, just calling to wish you a Happy Father’s Day!
I wanted you to know how much I appreciate everything you did for me and the family while I was growing up, and even now! As a token of my appreciation I’ve taken the liberty of rummaging around in the attic and basement and dug up some of your old toys, photo albums, letters and stuff, and archivally preserved them for you. I also framed a couple of the best photos of the family. It was fun to do, and now you, Mom, and all of us kids can enjoy these old memories for decades to come. Thanks for everything, Dad. Love you!” (Please click on the image to see our fully illustrated blogs on preserving old family photographs and archives.)



You’ll be SO GLAD you did!


Happy Father’s Day!





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