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ringfolio binder box, archival 3-ring binder



Archival Solution of the Week: Ringfolio Binder Box



Archival Methods’ unique Ringfolio Binder Box combines the functionality and utility of a ring binder with the elegance and protection of a museum-quality portfolio box.



ringfolio binder box, archival 3-ring binder



Our Ringfolio Binder Box is often used as an sophisticated-looking yet easy-to-use photo album – for both family snapshots and for professional fine art photographic portfolios – as it accepts our wide variety of interchangeable / archival 3-ring binder pages that accommodate ALL the most common photograph sizes and formats (see pix above).



ringfolio binder box, archival 3-ring binder ringfolio binder box, archival 3-ring binder
Left to right: important letters and notes from the family genealogy archive / collectible first day covers of envelopes signed by Apollo moon mission astronauts. Such important artifacts can be easily stored in a variety of archivally safe 3-ring pages, and then placed in a Ringfolio Binder Box for easy access, elegant presentation, and long term acid-free protection. (Please click on each image for more information, and please click here to see our illustrated blog on Preserving Old Letters in the Digital Age / please click here to see our illustrated blog on Historic Signatures: Preserving Signed Artifacts.)



Yet these versatile binder boxes are also perfect for many uses beyond storing and displaying photographs and snapshots. They are often used for archivally preserving and accessing genealogical records, family documents and letters, collectibles and more (see pix above).

Our Ringfolio Binder Box has a sophisticated look and feel that also makes them perfectly suited for business, as they can be used for filing business originals, corporate minutes, by-laws, closings, and they make GREAT presentation binders for those special clients you need to impress.



Ringfolio Binder Box: The Specs



ringfolio binder box, archival 3-ring binder ringfolio binder box, archival 3-ring binder
Precision-made D-rings, with a secure locking mechanism, are built into our high quality portfolio boxes (one at a time, by hand!)
right here in Archival Methods’ own on-premisis manufacturing facility. The result? A unique binder system that combines the
elegance of a fine portfolio box and the versitality of a high-end binder for years and years of archivally safe and convenient use.


Archival Methods RingFolio Binder Box takes the design features and solid construction of our Onyx Portfolio Box and adds a strong 3-ring locking binder mechanism, which is available in both 1-1/2″ and 2-1/2″ D-ring sizes. (D-rings offer better functionality and allow for more pages than standard round rings.)

The interior dimensions of both our 1-1/2″ ring and 2-1/2″ ring Binder Boxes is 13-1/4 x 12-1/4″, which means that they will each accommodate pages up to 12 x 10 inches.



ringfolio binder box, archival 3-ring binder
Archival Methods’ Ringfolio Binder Box: sturdy acid-free materials + quality design + expert workmanship = just what YOU need for EVERYTHING in your collection / archive / portfolio!



Both our 1-1/2″ and 2-1/2″ boxes are wrapped in a library-quality textured black buckram (poly-cotton) fabric, with a moisture-resistant, 100% aqueous acrylic coating which resists scuffs and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

They are built (by hand, in the USA) with a reinforced hinge, and are lined with an elegant 80lb acid- and lignin-free black paper with adhesives that are pH balanced and buffered (please click here to see our fully-illustrated blog that fully explains “acid-free” and “buffering”).

In terms of handling and use, each box features a close-tolerance construction to keep out dust and household pollutants when closed, and when opened each box lies flat for easy viewing and page turning (see pix below).



ringfolio binder box, archival 3-ring binder
The “drop-spine” design of our museum-quality Onyx Portfolio Box is incorporated into our Ringfolio Binder Box. This makes access and page-turning a breeze. (Please click on the image for more information on our Onyx Portfolio Boxes.)



As for capacity, our 1-1/2″ Ringfolio Binder Box will hold up to 60(!) pages with prints, while our 2-1/2″ box will hold up to 85(!!!) pages with prints.

The result of all this painstaking craftsmanship and attention to detail is a fully enclosed, easy-to-use, flexible and extraordinarily elegant presentation binder. One that will give you years and years of rugged service, and yet at the same time offers you both the sophistication and the practicality you need!





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