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archival storage boxes archival storage boxes


Definition: Object and Artifact storage is for any 3-dimensional artworks, collectibles, family heirlooms, textiles, large books, glassware, antique toys, photo albums, holiday ornaments, sports collectibles, large specimens, or any other objects that are better suited to boxes with more depth or volume (rather than flat boxes). It is recommended that any 3-dimensional items you are preserving in archival storage boxes also be placed in an appropriately sized protective enclosure such as an archival polyethylene bag, wrapped in sheets of archival tissue or paper, or protected with shredded archival tissue.





Options for Object and Artifact Storage:


archival storage boxes archival storage boxes

3-Inch Drop Front Boxes – versatile, stackable, strong, economical and easy to use. The box on the right contains books, DVDs, video tapes, a rolled poster, and a number of other 3-dimensional artifacts, each protected in individual archival polyethylene bags. (Please click on images for more information.)


3-Inch Drop Front Boxes:

While often used for storing flat items such as prints and documents, these versatile 3-Inch Drop Front Boxes are also perfect for storing small 3-dimensional objects, books, albums, holiday ornaments and artifacts. Available in a number of sizes and colors, these economical metal-edged boxes consist of a removable top and a bottom with a hinged “drop front’’ panel on one of the long sides. This feature “opens’’ the bottom section so the contents can be inserted or removed safely, without damaging the contents in any way.

These boxes are manufactured from heavyweight ArchivalGrade™ boxboard. As with all of our metal edge boxes, the metal clamps are anti-corrosion treated with a black polyester coating with a wax-free polyester finish on the blind side. These clamps provide both rigidity and high stacking strength.





archival storage boxes
As an example of how Hinged Lid Boxes work for 3-dimensional objects and artifacts, this antique toy truck from the 1930s fits perfectly in an elegant black version of this box. Please note that this truck is normally enclosed in an archival polyethylene bag and surrounded with shredded archival tissue, all of which was removed to make this photograph. (Please click on image for more information.)


Hinged Lid Boxes:

While this style of Hinged Lid Box is useful for safely storing prints, film negatives, postcards, recipes, CDs & DVDs and similar flat items, they are also perfect for general purpose archival storage of 3-dimensional art objects, antique toys, collectibles, fragile holiday ornaments and just about anything else you can imagine.

Hinged lid boxes have undercut front panels so contents can be easily filed, sorted or sifted. Embossed labeling areas on the box end and lid front allow you to neatly, accurately and consistently position a standard pressure-sensitive (PSA) identification label or an adhesive backed label holder.





archival storage boxes archival storage boxes, Hummel

Short Top Boxes come in a variety of convenient sizes that will accommodate many types of objects and artifacts. The image on the right shows a fragile porcelain figure safely nestled in a bed of crumpled archival tissue. (Please click on images for more information.)


Short Top Boxes:

Often called an “Archival Shoe Box,” our Short Top Box is a general-purpose container often used for safely storing and protecting flat items such as postcards, photographic prints, sports cards, recipes and such, yet are also perfect for storing all sorts of 3-dimensional objects and artifacts in your collection.

Our short top boxes have removable, close-fitted tops to seal out dust, pollutants and insects. Like our Hinged Lid Box (above) this box has embossed labeling areas for a standard pressure-sensitive (PSA) identification label or an adhesive backed label holder.





archival storage boxes
Flat Storage Boxes. (Please click on image for more information.)


Flat Storage Boxes:

While often used for storing flat items, the 5-inch depth of the deeper version of our Flat Storage Box is ideal for 3-dimensional objects and artifacts. This gray archival box comes in two versions: the larger/shallower box (22-1/2″ x 28-1/2″ x 2″ deep) has a fully-telescoping top, while the smaller/deeper box (16-1/2″ x 20-1/2″ x 5″ deep) has a shorter (non-telescoping) top. All four corners of the bottom tray are fastened with metal edge clamps (these are both non-drop front boxes).





archival storage boxes archival storage boxes

A Textile Storage Kit and a Textile Storage Box. (Please click on images for more information.)


Textile Storage Box:

While specifically designed to be part of our popular all-in-one Textile Storage Kit, these handy archival storage boxes can also be used to safely protect many other types of larger 3-dimensional objects and artifacts.

These museum-quality corrugated boxes are easily assembled with a self-locking tab design and are manufactured from acid- and lignin-free materials. For added protection from acidic migration, this gray corrugated board is buffered with 3% calcium carbonate. Interior dimensions are a roomy 28-3/4” x 17” x 6″ deep, with a 3″ removable top. When used to store textiles, the 6″ height allows you to keep fabrics loosely folded and padded with tissue to prevent creases.





archival storage boxes archival storage boxes

Archival Methods’ Artifact Box can be used for storing virtually any 3-dimensional objects or artifacts. (Please click on images for more information.)


Artifact Box:

This versatile, multipurpose archival Artifact Box can be used for the storage of many different types of objects, books, odd-shaped textiles such as hats, or other smaller boxes to help you consolidate a collection of slides, stamps, coins (see below) or other collectibles in centralized box.

The archival corrugated material is acid- and lignin-free, and safe to use for long term storage of practically anything. Interior size is 14-3/4” x 12” x 5” deep, offering a great deal of storage capacity.





Repurposing Document and Records Boxes:


While specifically designed for the archival storage of files and documents, the boxes described below can also be used for the safe storage of just about any other 3-dimensional objects and artifacts.



archival storage boxes archival storage boxes

In addition to storing records and documents, these handy acid-free boxes have hundreds of other uses. Here a Record Storage Box is being used to safely store a collection of family photo albums, each of which is in its own archival polyethylene bag for an added layer of protection and security.
(Please click on images for more information.)


Record Storage Boxes:

Archival Methods’ Record Storage Box is available in two designs. The first, our basic Record Storage Box, has an interlocking bottom and with handgrip opening on each side. The second, our Double Bottom Record Storage Box, has a double layer of cardboard on the sides and bottom (the Double Bottom Box’s construction provides a flat bottom). Both of these archival boxes assemble easily and have a removable lid.

Whether you are moving items or storing objects and artifacts for the long-term, these boxes provide not only an easy means of transportation but also dependable protection for your important collections.





archival storage boxes archival storage boxes

While originally designed as a document and file storage box, this Half-Sized Record Storage Carton can also be used for any number of 3-dimensional objects. The legal-sized box on the right contains a old stereograph / stereoscope sales kit in a latched carrying case that dates from around 1910. No other box fits this rare artifact as well as this half-sized record carton. Also note that this object is in a polyethylene bag for added protection against dust, moisture and household pollutants. (Please click on images for more information.)


Half-Sized Record Storage Carton:

When you cannot fill a full-sized storage carton (see above), or you have an odd-sized artifact, or you would like to have less weight per box, select the Half-Size Record Storage Carton for storing all sorts of 3-dimensional objects.

Archival-quality corrugated paper provides safe acid- and lignin-free storage environment for any artifact. These cartons have a removable shallow lid, an interlocking bottom, and convenient handgrip opening on both sides.





archival storage boxes
Flip-Top Record Storage Box. (Please click on image for more information.)


Flip-Top Record Storage Box:

Our Flip-Top Record Storage Box is available in two different types of materials: Coroplast corrugated plastic and archival corrugated paper. While designed to hold letter- or legal-sized folders (their interior dimensions each measure 15’’ x 12-1/2’’ x 10’’ deep), these versatile boxes are often used to transport and store 3-dimensional objects and artifacts. The attached lid prevents the loss or separation of the top when the carton is in use.

Coroplast is a chemically inert, acid-free and additive-free material made of a durable extruded polypropylene which is water-repellent and great for use where moisture could cause problems. The double-walled bottom and tripled-walled sides with hand grip handles make this carton ideal for transporting and storing 3-dimensional objects.




archival storage boxes
Document Boxes. (Please click on image for more information.)


Document Boxes:

This style of Document Box is a familiar standard for the organization and vertical storage of letter- and legal-size documents, yet every now and then you may run across that odd artifact that would fit just perfectly in one of these versatile boxes. One-piece construction with a hinged flip top provides a safe, acid- and lignin-free container for long-term storage and protection.

Embossed labeling areas on the box end and lid front allow you to position a standard pressure-sensitive (PSA) identification label or an adhesive backed label holder. Each box has a pull cord for easy box retrieval from closely stacked shelves. They are available in letter and legal sizes, and color options include tan, gray, black, and white (the latter with a matte laminated coating).




Miscellaneous & Odd Job Boxes

While the speciality boxes described below are made for specific purposes—storing rolled posters and 35mm slides—they can also be used as archival storage boxes for a number of different hard-to-fit 3-dimensional objects and artifacts.



archival storage boxes archival storage boxes

Triangular Roll Storage Box. (Please click on images for more information.)


Triangular Roll Storage Box:

The Triangular Roll Storage Box avoids the kinds of damage caused by pulling on the edges of rolled prints, maps and posters when removing them from tubes. In addition to its use for correctly storing rolled items, however, this uniquely designed archival box is also perfect for that difficult-to-store long object or artifact (up to 36 inches) in your collection.

As an added plus, our Triangular Roll Storage Box will not inadvertently roll off your work surface, desk or table, and stacks much more easily than a tube.

Archival-quality corrugated board provides safe, acid- and lignin-free storage of longitudinal artifacts. The six-inch sides of the triangle will hold a diameter of up to 3-1/2″, and opens fully along the long side allowing for safe placement and removal of your items. Available it two sizes: 6″ x 6″ x 30″ long, and 6″ x 6″ x 36″ long.





archival storage boxes archival storage boxes

35mm Slide Storage Kit & Slide Storage Boxes (Please click on images for more information.)


35mm – 2400 Slide Storage Kit:

If you’re looking to organize and store 35mm slides, this is the all-in-one kit for you. But that’s not all, as you can also store your coin or stamp collection in these handy boxes. Not only will you be able to safely store hundreds / thousands of your individual items, but the box-in-a-box-in-a-box design of this 35mm Slide Storage Kit (left image) offers triple archival protection for long-term piece of mind.

In addition to this full kit, we also offer individual metal-edge 35mm Slide Boxes (right image), which are perfect for storing those small, oddly-shaped longitudinal artifacts and collectibles you might otherwise have a heck of time figuring out how to protect. These archivally safe metal-edge boxes have interior dimensions of 11-3/8″ long x 2″ wide x 2-3/8″ deep. A great “off-label” solution for many unique storage challenges you may have.



Got a Question on Choosing the Right Archival Storage Boxes?

If you have any additional questions or would like more information on the archival storage and presentation materials that are just right for you, please contact us here at Archival Methods. We’re always there to help with any archiving, storage, or presentation questions you may have.