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Definition: Document, Files and Records storage is for any important papers, artworks, collectibles, genealogical records, documents or any other objects that are best suited to being “filed.” It is recommended that these items should first be placed in an archival file folderexpansion folderflap envelopeopen-end envelope, an archival polyethylene bag, crystal clear bag or other such enclosures before being filed in the archival storage boxes that best fit your needs.





Options for Document, Files and Records Storage:


archival storage boxes
Document Boxes. (Please click on image for more information.)


Document Boxes:

This style of Document Box is a familiar standard for organizing and vertically storing letter- and legal-size documents. Archival Methods’ document box features a one-piece construction with a hinged flip top to provide a safe, archival, acid- and lignin-free container for long-term storage and protection. Interior dimensions are oversized to allow for archival document spacers, and for storing items in acid-free file folders and expansion folders. Archival Methods’ document boxes are also well suited for storing and accessing thin books, pamphlets and periodicals.

These document boxes incorporate an undercut front panel for safe insertion and removal of documents, and allows for fast and convenient file searching without having to remove the documents or file folders. Embossed labeling areas on the box end and lid front allow you to neatly, accurately and consistently position a standard pressure-sensitive (PSA) identification label or an adhesive backed label holder. Boxes have pull cords for easy box withdrawal from closely stacked shelves. They are available in letter and legal sizes, and color options include tan, gray, black, and white (the latter with a matte-laminated coating).

These sturdy boxes are manufactured from heavyweight ArchivalGrade™ boxboard. Metal edge clamps are anti-corrosion treated with a black polyester coating with a wax-free polyester finish on the blind side. These clamps provide both rigidity and high stacking strength.





archival storage boxes
This Document Storage Kit contains everything you need to safely store your important documents, files and records. (Please click on image for more information.)


Document Storage Kit:

Archival Methods’ all-in-one Document Storage Kits offer the highest level of content protection and file organization by allowing you to store your documents in acid-free file folders within archival document storage boxes.

Each kit consists of a letter-size document box and a package of 50 cream-colored archival Half-Cut File Folders. You can select from our tan, gray or black document boxes in order to match your taste and decor, all while saving 15% off the cost of purchasing each component separately.





archival storage boxes
Record Storage Boxes. (Please click on image for more information.)


Record Storage Boxes: 

Archival Methods’ Record Storage Box is available in two designs. The first, our basic Record Storage Box, has an interlocking bottom and with handgrip opening on each side. The second, our Double Bottom Record Storage Box, has a double layer of cardboard on the sides and bottom (the Double Bottom box’s construction also features a flat bottom). Both of these archival boxes assemble easily and have a removable lid. Whether you are moving items or storing documents and files for the long-term, these boxes provide both an easy means of transportation and dependable protection for your important papers and collections.





archival storage boxes
Half-Sized Record Storage Carton. (Please click on image for more information.)


Half-Sized Record Storage Carton: 

When you cannot fill a full-sized storage carton (see above), or would like to have less weight per box, you may want to consider the Half-Size Record Storage Carton. While smaller that our standard records box, these convenient containers are still sized to hold either letter or legal file folders.

Archival-quality corrugated paper provides safe acid- and lignin-free storage for documents and files. Cartons have a removable shallow lid, an interlocking bottom, and convenient handgrip opening on both sides.





archival storage boxes
Flip-Top Record Storage Box. (Please click on image for more information.)


Flip-Top Record Storage Box:

Our Flip-Top Record Storage Box is available in two different types of materials: Coroplast corrugated plastic and archival corrugated paper. Each will hold letter- or legal-sized folders, as their interior dimensions each measure 15’’ x 12-1/2’’ x 10’’ deep. The attached lid prevents the loss or separation of the top when the carton is in use.

Coroplast is a chemically inert, acid-free and additive-free material made of a durable extruded polypropylene which is water-repellent and great for use where moisture could cause problems. The double-walled bottom and tripled-walled sides with hand grip handles make this carton ideal for transporting and storing records, files and documents. Cartons ship flat and assemble without the need for adhesives or tape.





archival storage boxes      archival storage boxes

Not just for prints! Acid-free 3-Inch Drop Front Boxes can be used for archivally storing all kinds of important documents, files and records. The box on the right is filled with stock certificates, personal family letters written a hundred years ago, and other such documents, each stored in a crystal clear bag for protection and ease in handling. (Please click on images for more information.)


3-Inch Drop Front Boxes:

Available in a number of sizes to match your document storage needs—and a number of colors to match your taste and decor—these popular metal-edged 3-Inch Drop Front Boxes consist of a removable top and a bottom with a hinged “drop front’’ panel on one of the long sides. This feature “opens’’ the bottom section so that your documents can be inserted, removed or examined safely, without bending or flexing in any way. The risk of “dog-earing’’ your materials is also greatly minimized with this design. The metal edge clamps are anti-corrosion treated with a black polyester coating, and provide both rigidity and high stacking strength.





archival storage boxes
1-1/2-Inch Drop Front Boxes. (Please click on image for more information.)


1-1/2-Inch Drop Front Boxes:

1-1/2-Inch Drop Front Boxes are available in black, white and tan. Our white boxes are constructed with a matte-laminate coating, making them water resistant. They are available in both standard sizes and digital print formats, and like the 3-inch boxes mentioned above they can be used as archival storage boxes for documents, files and records.

Similar to the 3-inch boxes described above, these metal-edged drop-front boxes consist of a removable top and a bottom with a hinged “drop front” panel on one of the long sides for ease of use.





archival storage boxes
White Metal Edge Boxes. (Please click on image for more information.)


White Metal Edge Boxes:

These styles of White Metal Edge Boxes offer practical yet elegant solutions for the archival storage of documents, files, records, and more. In addition to the letter-sized document box (at the back of the above photograph), the 1-1/2-inch drop front designs consist of a removable top and a bottom with a hinged “drop front’’ panel on one of the long sides. While the three sizes available were specifically formatted for digital prints, these handsome boxes can also be used for just about any other flat documents you have, depending of course on their size (up to 13-1/2″ x 19-1/2″).

The fine quality white ArchivalGrade™ boxboard is acid- and lignin-free, and has a matte-laminate coating making it water and scuff resistant. The interior of each box is lined with a rich acid-free gray paper.



Got a Question on Choosing the Right Archival Storage Boxes?

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