Framing Art for an Elegant and Professional Look


framing art, framing photographs, frame kits
Framing art and photography greatly enhances both the work itself and the room you hang it in. It adds elegance and a certain “presence,” sometimes with the added bonus of frame colors that match your evil hypno cat.


Any museum curator or gallery director knows that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to artwork that is displayed on a wall. In most cases, however, an image does in fact need to be framed in order to both protect it and to display it in the most professional, attractive and elegant manner.

Fortunately, when framing art there are a number of options when it comes to both standard and custom picture frames. Whether you are hanging a standard-sized print or a custom-sized artwork, your piece will look absolutely stunning with the right frame. By utilizing any of the easy to use “do-it-yourself” kits described below you will also save time and money(!!!) by not having to spend either at a frame shop.


Framing Art, Artifacts and Collectibles (and Saving Time and $$$)



framing art, framing photographs, frame kits
Easy to assemble high quality do-it-yourself frames save time and money, whether you’re using a “standard” sized frame or a “custom” sized frame.
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Standard Frames

Most artists and practically every museum curator or gallery director will know what the “standard” sizes are for framing art and photographs. So will every frame shop, from the small “boutique” high-end framers who charge premium prices to the “factory” frame shops often located in the back of the big arts & crafts chain stores. These “standard” sizes usually include the following:


8 x 10″ / 11 x 14″ / 14 x 18″ / 16 x 20″ / 18 x 24″ / 20 x 24″ / 22 x 28″ / 24 x 30″


Many, if not most, of the different types of frame shops carry these “standard” sized frames and mat board in their everyday inventory, as they are the most popular and are thus often the least expensive as they require no extra “custom sizing” work or materials. Beware, however, of cheaply made, flimsy, and difficult-to-assemble frames. Focus your time and energy instead on the trusted, museum-quality framing products and services offered by the true professionals at Archival Methods.



framing art, framing photographs, frame kits
Pre-cut aluminum frames come in a variety of profiles, finishes and sizes. Contact us if framing art and photographs is in your future. We’ll you help navigate through everything you need to know. (Please click on image for more information.)



If you are framing a standard-size photo or work of art, and looking for just the right mix of high quality and reasonable pricing, you might want to consider a Pre-Cut Aluminum Frame. These frames, available in dozens of profile / color / size combinations, lend an elegant and professional look to any artwork or photograph—from a single image to an entire exhibition—and are easily assembled to fit images as small as 8 x 10″ and as large as 24 x 30″. A great look at a great savings!



framing art, framing photographs, frame kits
Complete Frame Kits make framing art and photographs a breeze as EVERYTHING is included, and purchasing it as a kit saves you 15% off the individual components if purchased separately. (Please click on image for more information.)


Also available are Complete Frame Kits, which include standard-sized metal frames in 9 different sizes / 3 different profiles and 2 different colors of your choice / a pre-cut sheet of Acrylite OP3 glazing / a pre-cut sheet of 1/8″ acid-free foamboard backing / frame hardware / picture wire / and picture hangers. Boom, you’re done!



framing art, framing photographs, wood frame kits framing art, framing photographs, frame kits, plexiglas for framing

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If your artwork or photograph would be better suited to a finely-crafted wood frame, then please consider the standard-sized Gallery 12 Wood Frames, availble in rich black, elegant white or stunning natural maple finishes—perfect for matching to any artwork, photograph, taste, color palette, or decor. These all-in-one frame kits come with a standard-sized wood frame available in 5 different sizes and 3 different finishes of your choice / a pre-cut sheet of Acrylite OP3 glazing / a pre-cut sheet of 1/8″ acid-free foamboard backing / hanging hardware / and picture wire. All you need is a phillips-head screwdriver to assemble the entire frame. Its simple, fast, and will enhance any matted artwork or photograph you have.



framing art, framing photographs, wood frame kits
Gallery 12 high-quality wood frame kits include everything you need to get your matted artwork or photograph up on the wall in no time. A common phillips-head screwdriver is the only tool you’ll need for assembly. (Please click in the image for more information.)



Custom Frames

When you are trying to frame a uniquely shaped photograph or work of ark, or need a specific color for your frame, you may want to consider looking at Custom Frames. These are sold in pairs of “legs” – one pair of legs for the length and one for the width of your piece. These aluminum frames are cut to YOUR specifications, and are thus a great way to get the exact size and shape you want in terms of squares / horizontally-oriented rectangles / vertically-oriented rectangles, etc. As these frames are “cut-to-order,” it is important to make sure you get your measurements correct by following the age-old rule: always measure twice and cut once.

Lending additional flexibility to your custom frame choices, there are a number of popular colors to choose from. Frame colors include black, silver and gold, as well as matte black and frosted silver, each of which will enhance your artwork and will look fantastic on any wall in your home, office, or as part of a gallery or museum exhibition. Like our Pre-Cut Aluminum Frames described above, these easy-to-assemble custom frames go together with simple to use Frame Hardware Kits, and by “doing it yourself” you end up saving all sorts of money you might otherwise have to hand over to a frame shop.


framing art, framing photographs, frame kits
Each easy-to-assemble standard-sized or custom-sized aluminum frame needs only a single package of frame hardware, and requires only a common flathead screwdriver. Simple and quick! (Please click on the image for more information.)


Contact Us

If you’re considering framing art or photographs in either a standard-sized or a custom-sized / custom color frame and are not quite sure what might be best, contact us here at Archival Methods. We work directly with major museums and galleries from around the world to supply them with the finest framing materials available, and yet we’re always interested in working with individuals and smaller organizations to provide them with the same level of expertise and individual attention.