Safe and Easy Storage for Christmas Ornaments

Are you looking for safe, easy storage for your Christmas ornaments? Archival Methods provides high-quality archival storage for photographs, artwork, and documents – and also three-dimensional memorabilia. The metal edges of our Object Storage Kits make them suitable for storing fragile collectible items, especially treasured ornaments.

Archival Methods gray divided storage box with glass Christmas ornaments in front of a decorated Christmas tree.
The 16 Compartment Object Storage Kit – Item #04-OSK-SM – makes excellent storage for holiday ornaments. Purchase Archival Tissue separately to add more protection for fragile ornaments.

What is an Object Storage Kit?

An Object Storage Kit is an archival acid-free, lignin-free Metal Edge Box with archival dividers for the interior. The compartments divide the box into smaller spaces to separate and protect individual objects.

The Object Storage Kits come in two sizes. Both boxes have a 16 x 20″ footprint, a manageable size for stacking. In addition, the metal edges reinforce the box corners so you can stack several on a shelf without the risk of the boxes collapsing.

The 16 Compartment Kit is 3″ high, and each compartment measures 3-3/4 x 4-3/4 x 2-7/8″ H. The 9 Compartment Kit is 5″ high, and each compartment measures 5 x 6-1/4 x 4-7/8″ H. Please note that the compartment pieces are shipped flat, and assembly of the dividers is required.

Archival Methods gray storage box and lid with divider for 9 separate compartments.
9 Compartment Object Storage Kit – Item #04-OSK-LG – best for oversize ornaments or holiday decorations. Divider assembly is required.

How to Safely Store Your Ornaments

Archival boxes protect ornaments from breakage and other types of damage. Below are some common types of ornaments and information about storing each.

Glass Ornaments

Store your Glass Christmas ornaments, whether new or vintage, with extra care and protection. Our Object Storage Kits come with interior dividers made with acid-free archival board. We recommend Archival Tissue to wrap and create a cushion for your glass or fragile ornaments. Choose the precut 8 x 10″ sheets of Buffered Tissue for an easy solution. Line each compartment with one or two sheets, place the ornament inside and cover with another sheet or two. There should be enough tissue in the compartment to pad the ornament but not too much to prevent the lid from fitting on tightly.

Overhead view of Archival Methods gray divided storage box with 16 compartments filled with glass Christmas ornaments laying in crumpled archival tissue for padding.

Paper, Wood, & Cotton Ornaments

Paper or wooden ornaments, as well as those made from cotton, will benefit from being stored in one of our archival, buffered boxes (like the Object Storage Kit) rather than in a regular cardboard box. Non-archival boxes, made from inferior materials, tend to be high in acids and lignins. Over time, acids and lignins leach out and can damage items they are housing. Buffered materials, like our boxes and tissue, have calcium carbonate added, which counteracts this acid migration. Plant-derived materials like paper, wood, and cotton benefit from this protection against acids. Store ornaments made from these materials in the compartments of the Object Storage Kit, much like glass ones, though they will likely require less tissue for padding.

Metal and Plastic Ornaments

Store Metal and plastic ornaments with Buffered Tissue. Our 8 x 10″ precut sheets of Buffered Tissue are convenient for padding each divided compartment. Gently crumple them to take up space. We also sell buffered Shredded Tissue (Item #45-500)for filling each compartment with shreds.

Leather, Wool, & Silk Ornaments

Store ornaments that contain anything protein-based, such as silk, leather, or wool using Unbuffered Tissue. These items are sensitive to the higher pH of the Buffered Tissue. We sell Unbuffered Tissue in rolls and large sheets, but the most useful for ornament storage is a folded 20-foot length (Item #45-2400-20). (Be sure to carefully label your Unbuffered Tissue if you are storing any leftover; it is indistinguishable from Buffered Tissue!) Using Unbuffered Tissue to enclose the protein-based ornaments in each compartment will protect them from the buffered box.

Young girl decorating Christmas tree with ornaments from an Archival Methods dray storage box with divided compartments filled with glass ornaments.

Preserve and Protect Your Legacy

Like family photos, holiday ornaments are often part of a legacy passed from generation to generation. People collect souvenir ornaments from their travels and acquire ornaments to reflect their tastes and hobbies. Displayed every year, they are an integral part of many family holiday traditions and memories. Use the Object Storage Kit and Archival Tissue for safe, easy storage of Christmas ornaments to ensure future generations can enjoy them.

Overhead view of Archival Methods tan divided storage box with 16 compartments filled with glass Christmas ornaments.
The 16 Compartment Object Storage Kit – Item #04-OSK-SM – with vintage holiday ornaments.

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