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Mother's Day
“Bowlarama Dine & Bowl” shirt – the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift! OK, maybe not. See below for some REAL Mother’s Day ideas that will absolutely make her day! (BTW, if you’re looking to archivally preserve old or antique clothes like this classic bowling shirt, see our well-illustrated how-to blog on Preserving Wedding Dresses and Heirloom Fabrics.)



Preserving Memories: Unforgettable Mother’s Day Ideas


Mother’s Day is right around the corner. So, are you gonna get mom some flowers (yeah, do that). Gonna have her over or take her out for dinner (yeah, do that too). Gonna go to the mall and find something you hope she likes (yeah, a Bowlarama Dine & Bowl shirt probably wasn’t exactly what she had in mind!).

All of these things are great, and mom will love ’em. Yet if you REALLY want to make this Mother’s Day special then do something unique: give her the gift she’ll never forget – something from her own family archive!



Mother's Day
Yup, make mom an archival family photo album that will last a lifetime (and beyond!). It’s easy to do with archival 3-Ring Binder Pages for every sized pix and a museum-quality 3-Ring Binder. Better yet, work on it TOGETHER so that you can learn all about your family’s history – right from the source! (Please click on the image for more information.)



I’m talking about making memories come alive again by giving mom something that she will cherish and can relive old times with such as an well-made photo album or photo archive kit you put together from loose snapshots in the family archive (see pix above, and click here for more info on preserving snapshots).

Or consider framing an old art project you made as a kid that mom saved for all these years (see pix below).



Mother's Day Mother's Day Mother's Day Mother's Day
10-year-old kid drawing (on left). Artistic value = zero (it’s mine, so I can say that). Value to mom = priceless! You can easily frame old drawings, photos, what-have-you in Gallery 12 Wood Frames, which include EVERYTHING you need to frame whatever matted image you want (click here for more info on matting). Mom will love it! (Please click on each image for more information.)



Mother's Day Mother's Day
Yup, even old recipes are part of the family archive! For more info on archivally preserving these family artifacts, please see our full blog on Preserving Old Recipes / Treasuries of Family Traditions. (Please click on each image for more information.)



Best yet, give mom what she REALLY wants – time with you, working together to assemble and archivally preserve all the memories she has in the form of old letters, photographs, 8mm home movies, 35mm slides, items from the family archive, even family recipes! (Please click on each link to go to fully-illustrated blogs on each topic.)



Mother's Day



What does this look like? Well, consider giving mom a gift certificate from Archival Methods, the world leader in museum-quality archival materials (please click here to get in touch with us), and a note or coupon that says that you want to work with her on putting together a family archive or genealogy.



Mother's Day
(Please click on the image for more information.)



I’m here to tell ya, folks, that long after the flowers have wilted and that dinner is a distant forgotten memory, what mom WILL remember is the time you spent together building something that REALLY means something to her, something that she can look at and enjoy time and time again with family, friends and the eventual grandkids.



Mother's Day
Pull it all together for mom this year. She’ll be SO PLEASED you did!!!
(Please click on the image for more information.)



I’m no rocket surgeon, but I do know what’s what when it comes to the value of family memories.

Make some this year. You and mom will be SO GLAD you did!!!



Mother's DayHappy Mother’s Day, mom!



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