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Archival Solution of the Week:
Gallery 12 Wood Frames


So, before we take a look at our Archival Solution of the Week: Gallery 12 Wood Frames, a quick lesson:

Time = Money!




If you’re framing your stuff (artwork / photographs / collectibles / genealogy materials / practically anything else!) and are looking to save both TIME and MONEY (and want STUNNING, professional-looking, archival results!), then look no further than Archival Methods’ complete and all-inclusive Gallery 12 Wood Frames.

All you need is a phillips-head screwdriver to put the whole kit together, and as easy as they are to assemble (saving you time = money!) these beautiful and classy frames are just as easily re-opened to access your artwork and change out your stuff should you ever need to / want to!



frame frame frame



Available in three elegant finishes ( Natural / Satin Black / Satin White), these high-quality Gallery 12 Wood Frames are made from carefully selected solid woods, not the cheap veneers often found at arts & crafts store frame shops. They are also significantly less expensive than frames offered by your typical professional frame shop. Our Natural frames are made of maple with a clear finish, while our Satin Black and Satin White frames are made of solid poplar (see photos, above), and each come in the following standard / popular sizes:


11 x 14″ • 16 x 20″ • 18 x 24″ • 20 x 24″ • 22 x 28″






Gallery 12 Wood Frames come with everything you need (except the screwdriver), including:

• Frame & Strainer
• Acrylite OP3 Glazing (which filters out harmful UV light and is more resilient than glass)
• 1/8-inch Acid-Free Foam Board Backing
• Picture Wire
• Picture Hanging Hardware



Acrylite OP3 Glazing, which comes with each Gallery 12 Wood Frame, is more resilient than glass and filters out harmful UV light that can fade photos, artwork and collectibles. (Please click on the photo for more information, and click here to go to our informative, fully-illustrated in-depth blog on Light Damage / Protecting Your Collections from Harm.)



frame Gallery 12 Cutaway



Our Gallery 12 Wood Frames (see diagrams, above) each feature a 5/8-inch face, 1-inch sides, and a 5/32-inch rabbit (lip). They will provide you with professional-looking results for a fraction of the cost of sending your framing project out, and you can probably have your entire job done in less time than it would take you to drive out to your local frame shop and back!



matting matting



As mentioned, these strong, classy, and easy-to-use Gallery 12 Wood Frames include everything you need to frame your matted work (mats ordered separately), and we can even cut & hinge your mats for you! You can order either our Archival Mat & Presentation Kits (available as individual mats); our Pre-Cut Exhibition Mats (available in packages of 5 mats, please see the photo on the left, above); or order a mat custom-cut to your exact specifications by using our simple Custom Mat Cutting template (please see the photo on the right, above), all of which is explained in our well-illustrated series of blogs on Mat Cutting (please click here to go straight to those blogs).

At the end of the day, our attractive, robust and fully-integrated Gallery 12 Wood Frames will save you time & money while also providing you with an elegant presentation that offers both UV filtering and archival peace-of-mind.

Ya just CAN’T go wrong with THAT!





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